Saturday, August 29, 2009

I've been away for too long...

Hellllooooo! It's so nice to be back with you all my friends in blogger land. I have been away too long and I have a lot to catch you up on.... or so I think. The bad thing is, I can't really remember the middle of the week anymore.... so maybe not really catching you up so much?

It was a rough start to the week this week but I have to say that I came through the end of the week pretty well. This was the first time I've really felt challenged to remain Primal, but despite the rough start, and the less than favorable eating conditions, I managed to keep it as Primal as I could. My will power apparently returned en force on Wednesday and despite the temptation, I kept my hand out of the candy jar. The problem is not that I really want candy, but in particular this week that I was being forced for the first time in nearly 2 months to have to sit still and attend. After being off for 2 months and not really needing to be tied to a chair or particular spot, this was agony for me. The teacher was actually quite good, but I'm used to much more going on than just sitting in a chair. So needless to say I was restless. Not bored or unengaged, but restless. I have a bad habit of attempting to do more than 1, ok fine, 5 things at a time, so just sitting there was killer.

So, my answer, since it was in front of me, was to eat. I didn't need that much food, but it was there and keeping me more focused on the teacher. I realized that I was boredom eating though and on Wednesday, like I said, got it under control. I still wasn't 100% perfect (like I'd like to be) but the end of the week was fffffaaaarrrr and away better than the beginning of the week. Now that that is out of the way, I feel a little more prepared and a little more secure about going back to school next week. I will have access to a fridge and microwave and won't be dependent on anyone, so I feel confident that with some pre-planning/pre-packing, I'll be able to do ok. Not to mention, I don't keep that crap in my room so I won't be around it and staring at it all the time.

I'm not really all that enthused about going back to school this year, especially after the situation I just found out about yesterday, but what can you do. I'd share the situation but it's probably not very prudent of me, and besides that, it would just be more venting on my behalf. So I'll just say that I'm not excited.

But have no fear, just because I ate like crap doesn't mean I worked out like crap. I was actually very pleased with how well I fought to stay in the box this week. I hit five days this week, including today, and while they didn't feel particularly good (due largely I suspect to lack of sleep) I was glad I kept my drive going despite all the challenges of the week. I was still trying to work full time this week at the restaurant so three long 15+ hour days back to back is a lot. Especially when it f's with your sleep schedule and only allows you to have 4 hours of sleep a night.... :P But I was in at 0515 and I am glad I got the work in.

Wednesday was a relatively unimpressive back squat day. I hit 205 for a new PR but I feel like I really should be able to lift a whole lot more. I got stuck in the hole and couldn't drive up with 215 and I'm just not sure what's up with that. Again, it could have been lack of sleep or lack of focus, but CF always says performance on demand, and well my performance was wanting. Thursday was a rest day (3 on 1 off) and then yesterday we hit a pretty wicked circuit.


7 rft
3 heavy deads
6 toes to bar
9 burpees

For my heavy deads I chose the top women's weight, and decided to give 205 a try. I really think the key for me to figuring out deadlifts has to be that I pull some moderately heavy weight from time to time. At 185 form faults are eh, at 200 or so they start to show big time. I think using a still heavy, but lighter weight to force me to work on my form will be helpful. I can't just use strength and not form to get it up. Did that make sense? Anyway, I got all 7 rounds in, and felt like I had done some seriously good work on my deads. I rounded a bit, but by the end when I was really tired, I really focused on tightening my core, and taking a bigger breath than usual. I think some of my last deads were some of the best ones for that reason. I still am not a huge fan of them, but I felt like I gave the wod a good push yesterday.

Today however, was not so bueno, but that just may be because the workout totally sucked. No, I mean really sucked. Another of Jerry's brilliant, masterful, ick tastic wod's.

100 Thrusters for time
5 pu for every drop or foul
65 lbs for women 95 lbs for men

This was like a god awful version of Fran. A long and seriously shitty version of Fran. I didn't want to burn out, so I thought that doing rounds of 10 would be feasible. So I stopped at 10, ha, I say stopped like I had more energy to keep going, ha, that's kind of funny. Then did my 5 pu's and then got back on the bar to do another 10. I did 10 more, barely and then did my 5 pu's. After that it was game off... I could only do 5's. You realize that it's a long count and a lot of pull-ups to count by 5's to 100. Ugh.... but I didn't quit. Like I said the other day, that is one thing about myself that I do like. I don't quit. I finished. It wasn't pretty but I did it.

Now, what am I doing? Well I'm contemplating dinner, definitely resting, watching NCIS Season 6, intermittently also watching Generation Kill (read the book... quite intriguing...), and as soon as I shower, it's time to get on the ball with more school stuff. I've missed everyone! :)


georgia said...

Thruster/pu combo sounds terrifyingly awesome. I haven't done Fran since last summer and this might be just the punishment I need!

Katie said...

it's really not awesome... don't do it!!!!