Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back squats, rest day, and taking a class...

Probably coming tomorrow but the end of that is the key part. I'm taking a class from 800-330 this week and worked last night, tonight, and tomorrrow night. I'll try to find time tomorrow inbetween work and class to update! But on a positive note, despite having no microwave or fridge access this week, and having a really rough first two days of the week, I toned down MAJORLY the bad eating yesterday. I didn't even have to move the chocolate bowl. The will power returned. I still overate, but not as badly, out of boredom. But I discovered that standing and just shifting my weight (off to the side so I wasn't disturbing anyone) was enough movement (ie stimulation) for my brain to be ok.... so that definitely helped! I'm glad I'm struggling with all this this week and not next week!

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