Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Monday: Team Challenge

Yesterday's workout was sort of a pick your own poison because it was a team challenge. Which team reigns supreme at CFOT? Is it 0515? 0600? 0645? 0730? 0900? 1230? 1700? 1745? 1830? As you can see, CFOT has expanded quite a bit.... compare this schedule to the one of just a year ago and that's sort of a no brainer. But Jerry threw out the team challenge today as a way to encourage a little friendly competition.

To be honest though, I really didn't care about the team competition. I'll be frank, I'm competitive, but sometimes in the last few months that's gotten me in a little hot water, so I've really tried to dial that back a bit. I've really tried to keep in mind that where you are on the white board in relation to others really doesn't matter. You need to work on your weaknesses and your strengths and basically f' everybody else. It's great to have other people to push you, but beating them or being slower than them isn't the important part.

But, I really still wanted to get my workout in, so off to the box I went. The gig was set up so that there were five exercises and five minutes to do as many of those exercises as you wanted to. You didn't have to do them all, but seeing as how many of them were arm intensive, at some point you really wanted to give your arms a break! So the five exercises to choose from were power snatch, push press, pull-ups, rowing, and box jumps. Hmmm... which ones do you think I chose? :)

Here's how my numbers broke down

Power snatch- 51
Push press- 202
Pull-ups 63
Box jumps-35

Ha! Notice how the row was mysteriously empty? Ha! I hate rowing. Jerry had a formula for how he scored this but I don't know exactly what it was. All I know is that our team had the highest average for push presses. :P I guess it's a good thing that today is a back squat day and I don't have to use my arms.... :P

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