Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Isn't there a song about this?

I'm sure there must be. There has to be... I'm able to find songs for everything. There has got to be one about time stopping and turning off the clock. I will find it... give me an hour or two. :P

Yesterday I did make it to the box, but I'll be honest. Now that I'm not in school, I'm very focused on trying to get my diet under control. I'm half in love, half in hate with the Primal diet. I love the idea... LOVE LOVE LOVE it, but it's taking me some getting used to which I hate. I'm spending a lot of time in the kitchen AND in the grocery store, experimenting with new foods, and new ideas. It's kind of fun and exciting, but at the same time kind of a pain in the ass. But it's cool. Yesterday I actually made my own salad dressing and this week I've tried Feta Cheese. For one reason or another (I think it's the mold) I've always been a bit turned off by the crumbling cheese family. But I'm trying to get some variety in my diet and not JUST eat chicken and green beans, and so I'm trying to branch out. For me, diet is the final frontier so to speak. I've mastered a lot of movements in CF, and now am sort of honing in on them. Now it's time to up the diet and switch up the game plan a bit.

Readers, you've been along with me on quite the journey. I've almost come full circle. Now instead of focusing on just trying to lift 20 lbs, I'm focusing on my diet to get the fat off and start kicking some serious booty. How funny is that? Me who just two years ago could barely last a workout is not trying just to get an edge... priceless. See what this program can do?

Anyway, all the nutrition stuff has been keeping me busy during the day before I go to work at night, and so I apologize with not being as dilligent in my postings, but if you want, add me as a friend on FB to keep up with me (I usually post good stuff there first) and also to keep up with CFOT, feel free. A few of us have gone Primal and are sharing recipes and tips on the CFOT fan page. So if you want to keep up that way, feel free... otherwise, you're just going to have to be patient with this blog. :P If you are interested in seeing recipes etc continue to pop up here though, leave a comment and let me know and I'll post pics/recipes of things I've concocted. No promises that there won't be a few duds along the way though.

Speaking of CF though I'm going to be late if I don't get a move on! I'll finish talking about my nutrition and yesterday's clock stopper when I get back! :P

Hmmmmm... so remember what I said about my nutrition keeping me away from my blog?!? DOH!

Anyway, yesterday's WOD was really a smoker. It combined three things that are really hard for me, and because of that, I just sort of said f' it. I basically shut the clock off, and went for a full range of motion on my exercises. I really have been having a hard time with ring dips, and I especially wanted to try them without the band. So here's how the WOD broke down.


3 moderately heavy deadlifts (165)
5 ring dips
7 l-sit pull-ups (I had to sub strict)

To be honest, the deadlifts on this wod really didn't feel that bad until about round 5 when I just got flat out tired. The elite weight for this wod was 205. Deadlifts are not a strong exercise for me, so I'm always cautious when we do them. But really and truly the dips were the focus for me. I just blocked it out, and went for it. It sucked, but I did all 35 without a band. I can throw lots of stuff over my head and that's great and all, but being able to move my own bodyweight is really where it's at. I didn't really time myself, but I know this took more than 30 minutes for me. But I didn't cheat it. The strict pull-ups were strict, and the ring dips were all legit. So, as badly as it sucked, I got some great strength work in.

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