Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I suck... AKA metcon day...

So the latest meat experiment did not go as planned... :( oh. But I'm sure there will be more cooking adventures in my future, so don't get disheartened. :P

Yesterday's workout was especially designed for me. Why you ask? Well because as Meatloaf said, 3 out of 4 ain't bad. Oh, wait that wasn't what he said? Oh. But 3 out of the 4 exercises that we had in our wod yesterday are things I'm awful at. No, no kidding. I am incredibly slow at push-ups, still working on getting back to full ring dips, and running, well, ha! If you've been reading for ANY length of time, you KNOW how I feel about running. (If you haven't, just imagine the worst possible thing you could make someone do. That's how I feel about running.)

I decided to go at the 0900 class yesterday because, after that little running wod last week at 1230, I learned my lesson. Do NOT run in the middle of the day in Virginia, in the summer, in 100% humidity. Ok, Ok, FINE. It was only 96% humidity that day, but you get the point. Running + midday + Katie= NO BUENO! So, I quasi happily motored to the gym (Jerry has been posting the wod's to the FB page. I knew in advance my pain for the day. That's why I say quasi.)

My heart sort of fell though when I saw that all the guys were in at 0900. Chad and Chad and Mark and Scott. Don't get me wrong. I love all the guys. They're terrific.... when I don't have to do a metcon wod with them. There's nothing more disheartening then having a round and a half to finish and seeing them all sitting there chatting. (I hate you all! Ok... not really... ) But as Jerry likes to constantly remind me, the only way to get stronger is to work your weaknesses. Got it, weakness working. Check. (Note to self, I HATE weaknesses.)

But I think of Jerry somewhat of almost an almighty guru. My spiritual leader if you will. What he says goes. So away I went. Our WOD looked like this.

275 M run
9 ring dips
12 push-ups
15 wall ball

Time 23:17

So since I'm doing that whole working my weakness thing, I was trying to do the first 2/3 ring dips no band and then switch to the band. I did that for the first 3 rounds, and then the 202 push presses from Monday caught up with me. Whew! That was a fun feeling. My push-ups, albeit slow, were all legit, and my wall ball were pretty super legit seeing as how I hit the men's target. Running, well, I have to say it's getting better. It's still not speedy by any means, but it is getting better. I think my performance will definitely increase as soon as October rolls around and the humidity lessens. I really feel it when I run. It's wicked bad.

For a minute there on round 2 there was a big flashing neon "QUIT NOW!" sign in my head, but I didn't. I kept on going, and just like with last Saturday, sometimes the most important WOD's are the ones where you want to give up, but don't. You only get stronger when you work through the mental stuff. It sucks, but it's necessary.

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