Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The old me's DEAD and gone...

Sing it Justin...

I've been traveling down this road to long... the old me's dead and gone, dead and gone...

Ok, ok, fine... I'll spare you more of the Justin/T.I combo, but for the longest time.... whooooaaaaaa, for the longest time, time! Whoooooaa for the longest time! Hey I said I'd spare you Justin/T.I, I never made any promises about Billy Joel. ;) Anyway, for the longest time, deadlifts have been a weakness for me. I'm terrified of them because I'm very scared about potentially pulling my back out. I'm very quad and back dominant so deadlifts are hard because for me they are counterintuitive. Whereas all our great runners and the like are great with deads, I'm sort of ubo retardo.

So, today I went to the 12:30 class to hit these, hoping for a little moto from Jerry to get me going. But lo and behold, Jerry does not do 1230 on Tues/Thurs. Oh noes! But Melissa did a great job of keeping my head in the game and getting me to lift well. My form was pretty good until about 220. Things started to break down just a bit and I started to do that funny core tension thing I do. I tend to get above my knees and then let go of my core tension, so I round, not off the floor, but on the way up to the finish of the lift. It's weird. Today we were doing max singles and my weights looked like this.

230X1 (PR)
240X1 (PR)
250X1 (PR)

That final PR today was ugly. Straight up, I rounded off the floor and it looked nasty. But, I guess what counts is that I got it up right? A PR is a PR, but still. I don't feel good about it. 240 form wise was OK, I mean, I jerked the bar off the floor, I didn't have solid tension, but other than that I maintained pretty well. 250 though, I was tired and I just let go of my tension. The funny thing is though, that even despite that, 250 felt easy. I felt like I easily had 260 or 270 in me. I hadn't hit shakey leg syndrome yet. Oh well, maybe one day soon I'll get my form under control and then we can find a true max for me. One day. :P

Oh, as an aside.... the 26 pull-ups yesterday got me back on the record board at CFOT with pull-ups. THAT felt great. :) Woot. Here's to PR's.


Tami said...

Holy moley! 250? That's awesome Katie. Nice job on the pull-ups too.

Katie said...

Thanks Tami! I'm still on my quest to find beef jerky... ;)

Erin said...

Congrats girl! Despite Chelsea kicking our butts today, you've had a great week!

Just wanted to let you know that I read about Applewood farm jerky and meat products on Byer's website. M.O.M.'s in delray apparently sells it. Haven't gone there yet, but will...

Katie said...

Thanks Erin. I really did not enjoy Chelsea today AT ALL.

Hmmmm... MOM? Is that the grocery store?