Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm a big kid now! I did pull-ups!

Wait, what? Not THOSE kind of pull-ups. These kind of pull-ups.

A cheesetastic joke? Absofreakinlutely, but this is why you heart me! :)

Today we hit an old CFOT favorite, but with a new twist. Onion skin was a workout we did a few times in the Blue Room and it involved max strict press and max pull-ups. It sucks because it fries your freakin' forearms. But back in the Blue Room we did it a little bit differently. Jerry never prescribed a weight for us. He told us to use what he thought we could handle.

For the wod today though, he went to his evil CrossFit laboratory, threw some stuff into beakers, heated it up, then laughed (somewhat maniacally) and brought us a WOD designed to make us feel like the Incredible Hulk after round one. You know the picture I mean, where the Hulk is busting out in the forearms? Look it...

See what I mean? His veins are practically busting out of his arms! That's totally how I felt yesterday. Melissa suggested with this WOD that since it involves max rep pull-ups, anyone going for a pull-up PR should start with pull-ups. I was pretty certain that I could do more than my previous PR of 21, and so I decided to see where I was at. I felt good on the bar, shoulders were loose, no soreness, and I decided to go for it. The WOD officially looked like this.

Onion Skin version 2.0
2:30 max pullups (once you're off the bar, that's it, the rest is rest)
2:30 max push press (once you put the bar down, that's it, the rest is rest)
5 rounds

Now, Melissa ALSO suggested, ok no, TOLD both myself and Andrea to use 75lbs for the push presses. WTF? I hate being good at overhead work sometimes. So, I listened and went for a pull-up PR first, then had to attack a 75lb max push press afterwards. Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid. My arms were so jacked after that max I could barely even LIFT the bar. Now, you can sort of game this wod, but regardless of what you do, it's going to suck, and by the end you're not going to be able to bend your arms/use your arms or hands. My rounds broke down like this (I think):

Round 1 PU-26 (PR!!!) PP-14
Round 2 PU-15 PP-14
Round 3 PU-16 PP-15
Round 4 PU-16 PP-16
Round 5 PU-16 PP-10

Right after this, I had to shower cause I had to work dayshift... hahahahahahahahaha... I had to take a 20 minute shower cause my arms didn't work. Hahahahahahahahahahahah. My piece of Facebook flair comes to mind right now...

"My trainer is awesome and I can't feel my arms right now." HA!

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Justa said...

Of course, you could have done the pullups wearing only pullups. That would be like...pullups squared, right? easy way to get arrested. Or something.