Sunday, August 2, 2009

Catchin' up... Friday's WOD

Hmmmmm... so where to begin? I know I've been a blog slacker for a few days and my sincere apologies. I have been spending a lot of time at work, at CFOT and in my kitchen. I took Thursday as a rest day but was back at CFOT for a heck of a WOD on Friday. We all know that I love overhead work so I was happy to learn that Friday was an overhead squat day! :) Yay for overhead squats. Friday was overhead squats X5. My 1 rep max overhead squat is 150. So I was thinking that a good OHS goal for me would be around 120-125. Well I got in and started working and actually felt pretty good. So I ramped up fast. And before I knew it, I had already put down 120X5.

So, I put up 125X5 and then started to debate about what my next move should be. I thought about 130X5, but sort of figured what the hey. So I threw on 135 and gave that a whirl. The rest of the day played out a little something like this...

OHS Work

I really debated about how to jump... luckily for me, Jerry was there to give me some encouragement... :P

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Jerry Hill said...

I'm glad you went 145 on that last one; great lifts!