Thursday, August 20, 2009


Let's make this one short and sweet shall we?

600M run
500M row
40 Double unders (sub 40 box jumps if you don't have double unders)

I subbed box jumps as I'm not coordinated enough to do double unders.

Time 29:41

Ow... See what I mean?


Tami said...

Running AND rowing? In the same workout? That seems like it should be illegal.

Katie said...

I know... believe me when I tell you that I am not, and I repeat NOT a fan on Facebook of this wod! :P

kelsalynn said...

Have I ever left you a comment before?
If not, I'm a stalker of your blog! Nice to meet you...

That workout sounds insane. Running and rowing combined? Owww is a perfectly fit title.

What led me to finally comment is the fact that you can't do a double under--- I complain about this on my blog all the time. I suck. Can't do one to save my life. I'm generally a coordinated person, until you hand me a jump rope apparently. Glad to see I'm not alone!

Awesome job on the workouts. Keep it up! Feel free to check out my blog sometime.

georgia said...

Our coaches are totally in synch it seems. Crossfit Central's WOD today is 5 rounds for time: 500m row and 400m run.

We've done a monkey butt-load of legs/butt this week so I was going to take a rest day...but now, now I might just have to hit the erg in the apartment weight room. People are going to think I'm insane...again...

Katie said...

Kelsalynn, feel free to stalk away. :) Online stoggers (blog stalkers) are quite ok. Just don't come find me in real life... ;) You did comment on my blog a few weeks ago... if you happen to look to the right on my main page, I linked your blog under my blogs I like to read section. I try to get through them all at least once a week, but sometimes I don't do so well with the keeping up. :(

Georgia, this SUCKED. I mean SUCKED. I did this at 0515 the humidity was still at LEAST 90-95% and I wanted to die. Especially with Chelsea on Wed. Should have rested today and didn't. Tried for OHS but that was a BIG mistake. Too sore and too tired.