Thursday, August 6, 2009


Hokay, here's the Earth... chillin'.... oh, wait. Sorry. Now isn't the time to quote Ze end of Ze world? Hokay.

So avocados huh? Sisson touts them as quite the super food. Lots of good fat, lots of good nutrients, game on. Until starting the Zone last year, believe it or not, I had never had an avocado. Nope, never. They look funny and the inside is weird lookin', and they have the big ball thing. Ewwwww... so regardless, whatever childish schoolgirl reasons I was holding on to did not permit me to eat them.

Now however I can say that I really do like them. I like to put avocado on:

-scrambled egs
-sammiches (did you like how I did that? sammiches? ha!)

I use it:

-sliced for sammiches and salads
-mixed into my easy peezy avocado dip for sammiches, chicken, steak, and eggs

Here is my recipe for my easy peezy avocado dip:

***** Be sure to start with RIPE avocados. If you are an avocado newbie like I was, you need to realize the difference. Ripe=soft and a little squishy, emphasis on little. Hard=not ripe. *****

-Take 2 avocados. Cut them in half.
-Take a spoon and put it between the skin and the "meat" of the avocado. Try to run the spoon around the outside getting the entire avocado out in one shot. If you can't, no worries, just get it all.
-Put in bowl.
-Take some red pepper flakes and shakea, shakea, shakea them into the bowl.
-Take some garlic salt and swiiiish, swiiiish, swiiiiish around the bowl.
-Take a little bit of onion. Dice it fine and throw in. (Maybe 2tsp)
-Take a clove of garlic. Dice it fine and throw it in.
-Take some lemon juice and squuuuuuueeeeeeeeze, squuuuuuuuueeeeeeze, squuuuuueeeeeeeze.
-Now, mash everything up.

It will be a little lumpy obviously cause you have stuff in there, but mostly smooth.

*** Avocado is a food that oxidizes quickly when it comes in contact with air. (Hence the oxi part of the oxidizing) The lemon juice will help prevent the oxidization in the fridge, but another neat trick is to take a piece of plastic wrap and place it over the dip. Then, tuck it around your dip. Yeah, shove it down in the bowl and around the dip. This creates a (loose) seal that helps keep air from getting to it. It's not a miracle cure, your avocado dip will probably oxidize at least a little (unless you used a LOT of lemon juice) but it will help to extend the life of it a little bit. ***

Tasty! Enjoy! :)


Bacon said...

Leaving the pit in is supposed to help also - either putting it into the dip, or, if you're only using part of an avocado, leaving the pit in the part that is being saved. Strange, but it seems to work...

Katie said...

That's interesting! I've never heard that!