Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Did I mention I hate running?

It's been a hectic week already as I'm back in a classroom... sort of. I'm not officially back to school yet, but this week am being forced to take a class on Responsive Classroom. It's not horrible but it's definitely a sign that the summer has come to a close... how sad!

I'm going to come right out and say one thing before I get into yesterday's WOD. I've not been a good Primal girl these last few days. What did I see as soon as I sat down yesterday? An entire bowl of chocolate sitting in the middle of each and every table. And what did I do? I ate it. Mark Sisson talks in his book about eating something because it's there. I find that so long as I can control my own eating, ie, I can cook it etc, I'm good with the Primal world. But once outside factors start getting thrown in, all goes to pot. Both yesterday and today I struggled to stay out of the chocolate bin. I also struggled because, I took good food, but out of boredom, ate it so I could have something to do besides sit in a chair and listen. How terrible is that? I've gone super over my carbs for two days now just because.

To no end it drives me crazy, and it makes me start having some of those self-depricating feelings again. Feelings like "I'm not going to be able to do this" "I can't do this" "I hate that I do this." You know the type. It was the biggest downer I've had since starting this almost a month ago. I can tell, maybe not because of my weight, but definitely my WOD's that this program is having an effect on me, and it makes me nuts that counterintuitively my body wants to eat, and eat bad things, just cause they're there. I've thought of moving the chocolate bowl to another table, but seeing as how I'm sharing it with four other people, I don't want to deny them of anything just because I've got my lifestyle going on. I'm really going to have to dig deep for the resolve not to eat any of the chocolate, and steer clear of the snacks at the back of the room that are also present. I hadn't had Tostitos in such a long time, and today they just looked so good! :( I'm also going to have to dig deep to find a way around the lunch conundrum. There is a Harris Teeter not too far from the school, so perhaps instead of doing the sandwiches or chips etc at the class, I can use my time to go buy something. Apparently I still have a long way to go with my eating. I'm not nearly as cured as I thought I was. It's a very humbling day.

Now, speaking though of good things, yesterday we had a WOD where we had to run. I was not a fan! But the running was followed immediately by snatches and C2B pull-ups. Yesterday's WOD was a true testament to the strength gains that I've made in the box lately. Not only has my running improved, but the girl who struggled to do 1 C2B pull-up a few months ago, was able to do them all. I say woot! Our WOD yesterday looked like this

400 M run
15 snatches
15 C2B pull-ups
400 M run
12 snatches
12 C2B pull-ups
400 M run
9 snatches
9 C2B pull-ups

Weight- 85lbs
Time- 17:22

The running of course did not feel good (when does it ever?) but it wasn't as bad as in the past. Perhpaps part of that is the release in the oppressive humidity we've had as of late. It was much cooler yesterday morning and made the running seem to come easier to me. After hitting the run though, I was pretty winded and was having a hard time tightening up for the snatch. I got through them though, and used the "pro" weight of 85lbs. That's not too far from my max snatch weight though, so it was definitely a challenge for me.

My C2B pull-ups were not speedy by any means, but to go from barely being able to do 1 in May to be able to do a set of 3 or 4 really says a lot. I think I still need to work more on getting a wider grip for C2B and also just that final pull into the bar. One of my, not faults, by form signatures has always been to be farther behind the bar than most on pull-ups. I think for me this is something to work on in order to get better at C2B pull-ups. Always something to work on, but altogether, a decent feeling WOD.


georgia said...

Boooooooo! What a tease!

Bacon said...

What about taking chocolate with you? Only the GOOD stuff - 85/87% dark. It's tasty and has way less sugar and way more fat. I find a little bit goes a long way and that way you won't be tempted by the stuff in front of you.

As far as lunches go - I normally just eat the all natural, gluten free chicken sausages that you can get at HT or TJs along with a bag of steamed veggies. It takes like 5 minutes and is really filling. If you have access to a microwave you could maybe try that?

georgia said...

One of the things I love about you, Katie, is your honesty. I've been having icky girl feelings lately and thanks to your honesty, I know I'm not alone in my battle against the little b-snitch on my shoulder.

So, this is going to sound stupid and rude but instead of giving in to the non-primal chips and sandwiches, go to the store and grab that primal food and then sit quietly eating your grub. Here's the trick that's snotty: in your head play the "I'm so much cooler than the rest of you sheep because I'm eating primal. I'm so ahead of the curve in coolness and health. etc." Talk yourself up just for one meal as you sit high and mighty.

I'm not saying to be rude, I realize it sounds really mean. But, do pat yourself on the back for taking good care of yourself and not following the herd.