Thursday, August 13, 2009

%$#@&*^%$#@ metcon...

Here I is, on the Bolt Bus, rockin' out to my boyfriend Michael Buble and ready to update you all on the lovely WOD I decided to go do this AM. I was thinking about making it to the Black Box while I was in NYC, but I don't know my way around well enough to get there or to Brooklyn and so I guess I'll just take a few rest days and enjoy myself. There may be some swimming involved so not entirely rest days, but mostly. Anyhoo, since I'm not going to be going to CF this weekend, I decided I needed to hit a WOD today. Wouldn't you know it, Jerry gave us another metcon. GD. I HATE metcons. It's my biggest weakness, which of course means I need to work it, but I seriously hate metcons. See, that's part of the reason I hate rowing so much. Jerry always puts it in the metcons, but notice that I only said that it's PART of the reason. :P

So, sore and cranky I went to the box this AM for the 0900 class. It was amazing to watch Danya and the other folks in the class go to town on this, but for me, I was just trying to get through it. I did everything RX'd but it really didn't feel good. My hamstrings are sore from the deadlifts and the rowing, my quads are sore from all the squats, my shoulders hurt from the dips and strict chins, and of course, my @ssmar hurts from going with a right foot dominate split jerk. Ugh. Needless to say then, I was not pumped at ALL to see two of my nemesi in a workout today; push-ups and running. Yar! The WOD today looked like this.

7 toes to bar
12 push presses (65lbs)
15 push-ups
300 M run

Time: 25:32

This wasn't too shabby of a time, but the push-ups slowed me way down. I was making up some time on the push presses, but this is how tired I was today. I couldn't do all 12 of my push presses unbroken. I had to rest in the rack. Says the girl who two weeks ago did 202 in one WOD. 65 for me is a very easy weight, also says the girl who just jerked 165, so for me to struggle with 65 is sort of odd, but I guess that's my body's way of telling me to knock it off and take a rest day. So I'm only happy to oblige! :) I'm going to be enjoying myself in New York so I'm sure that my body will not mind taking a rest day. I'm sure though that I will do plenty of low impact exercise (ie walking) as last year I never got to really play "tourist" in NYC. I got to go workout and see a show and see a soccer game which was great, but I didn't get to see the Empire State building or anything like that. So this weekend Katie=Tourist. HOWEVER I will NOT tip like one... dirty rat bas..... (leaving that thought unfinished, you fill in the blanks).

Until later... when I think of something else food-wise or workout wise or vacation wise that I want to tell you. :P

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Justa said...

Funny how your body talks to you if you're willing to listen, isn't it?

Enjoy, Katie!!