Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Big Apple

This weekend I am enjoying a belated birthday present from my oldest sister, and am being a tourist in NYC. I'm not really working out has I hit a straight four wod's this week before I left, but I did get to stop in and visit three boxes yesterday and see my awesome friends Keith Wittenstein and Jeff Yan. I had an awesome morning hanging out with them yesterday and even, thanks to Keith, got to have a very Primal farm fresh breakfast in the middle of Brooklyn. My cooking is very limited right now, and last night's dinner was kind of a cheat. We were at a Mexican place and I got a burrito. The inside was all Primal. Chicken, lettuce, onions, avocado (yummmmers!), and some sour cream on the side. However, after I pulled everything out of the burrito and ate it, I ate the tortilla. Doh! I also had some tortilla chips with fresh homemade guacamole... doh! But, to be fair those were my first Primal slips this week really, and to be fair, not to terribly God awful. I feel a little sluggish cause of the extra carbs, but not too bad. I did also have a few drinks yesterday too, but kept it reasonable.

Today we're going to go see the plastinated bodies again! I'm so stoked. When I saw this last September in B-more this was freakin' AWESOME! But then we're going to the Shake shack (a NYC hot spot) for a milkshake before we go to the Mets game. I'm sure there will be cheating today today, but you know what, I'm on vaca and I'm keeping it reasonable. I'm not eating fried food and crap for every meal. I'm doing well. :) I was going to do a WOD with Keith today but I'm thinking with our schedule it's not going to happen, but we don't have anything planned for tomorrow, so I may go to their open gym tomorrow morning before I bust out for DC. So anyway, I'm sorry my posts have not been here for you to read and enjoy, but never fear, my culinary craziness will return once I return to DC. As will my CF documentation! :)

If you want to see some of the photos from my first day click here

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