Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tuesday's WOD: You're such a JERK!

Who doesn't love a little overhead work!?!? I know I do! :) Jerry promised two strength days to start our week and we got 'em alright. After that heavy day Monday it was time to work some heavy one rep maxes of the jerk! Woot! You know I can't stay away from heavy weights designed to go over my head! :)

So, I worked in with Linda and with Rebekah (I'm sorry if I spelled that wrong!) and away we went. I felt good pretty early on but felt like I started to lose my speed, always what happens when the weight gets heavy. I got up to 135 and hit it pretty solidly and so I went for 140. I had a smidge of a push out at the end but not too bad, so I decided to go for the ever ELUSIVE 145. I put it on the bar and one the first try got it over my head but just couldn't lock it out fast enough. So I went at it again. On the second try, I jerked that thing and held on tight and got it locked out. YES!!!

But even with a smidge of a push out again at the end I still felt pretty good. So, I thought, and pondered, and tinkered, and toyed with the idea of going a little heavier. Soooooo I thought about it, and decided I had one or two more good pushes in me, so I grabbed 2 1lb weights and threw them on the sides so I could give 147 a go. So, I rested for a bit and then got myself back up on the bar. I let the bar slip out of the first rack and so I re-racked the bar and then tried again. This time I gave a good push and got the bar over my head, but couldn't get under fast enough. So I waited a bit and tried a 2nd time. This time I got it overhead but didn't lock out and tried to dump it and wound up dropping it on my head! Oops and ouch! By then I was mad. I could get it overhead but couldn't keep it there to lock out! So I tried a third time. Same thing. I got it up and over and started to lock out and just couldn't hold it. Heartbreaking but I was PISSED. So I threw the bar back up on the rack, waited about five minutes and tried again. This time I was determined. I had a push out at the end again, but I got under that bar. I was NOT going to drop again. So, perhaps a little bit ugly, but 147 was over my head nonetheless. :) So a new PR it is. 147! :) Now... 150? ;)

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