Monday, June 8, 2009

Do the runnin' man....

So, after my loss of flesh during the Josh WOD on Friday, I really wasn't getting the feeling that I'd be able to use my hand on Saturday for the WOD. I was totally bummed when I showed up to CFOT to see that I was going to be missing a Painstorm WOD because of my hang. I was totally bummed because it was a WOD I would have loved. The WOD looked like this.

Squat Cleans
Ring Dips

The ring dips and HSPU's would have killed my time, but I would have LOVED doing this WOD. It's so up my alley I can't even tell you! But since I decided to rip off half my hand, this WOD was a no go for me. I took myself right out the door and onto the trail down by the water. I was going to hit the 5K circuit again, but due to knee pain, stopped after only 2 miles. I am still glad I got something in, as that was my 5th WOD last week, but I was bummed that I only got 2 miles in. 2 miles is better than nothing huh? Workin' the weakness is always a good thing.

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