Friday, June 26, 2009

Thursday WOD: "Dan's Club"

Yesterday's WOD was one I've hit a few times before but it's one that involves a little bit of gaming if you will. The WOD itself looks like this.

1:30 to complete
5 strict press
1:00 for transition
1:30 to complete
5 strict pull-ups

Now, here's the trick. You earn your points based on the weights you move. So, your strict press points are X x whatever you move. So let's say that you move 75 X 3 and you only have :45 left. You can strip the bar and move 70 X 2 for your last two reps. So you then can calculate 3X75 and 2X70. So, you have to game it. Same with the pull-ups except you get to add your BW PLUS whatever you lift.

I have to say that strict presses aren't my forte, and neither are strict pull-ups. My strength is great in overhead movements, not in BW movements. But I was gaming it a bit and hit some decent numbers. My total was over 6,000 and I'm not sure if any other ladies were close or not. I wish I was moving more of a percentage of my bodyweight, but I guess that is what I can work on. In addition to all the other things I have to work on.... :P

Starting weight today: 165.3


Vanilla latte: only drank half again... I honestly think that I'm losing my taste for coffee

3 blocks carbs from Muesli
2 blocks protein from eggs
1 block protein from bacon
3 blocks fat from oils used in cooking plus come on it's bacon dude


KSB Taco salad

1/2 block carbs from kidney beans in chili
1 block protein from cheese
2/3 blocks protein from ground beef in chili
1 block fat from Tomato Ranch salad dressing
1 block fat from avacado
1 block fat from sour cream
1 1/2 blocks from tortilla strips
1 block from veggies (lettuce and side veggies I ordered)
2 blocks from cornbread

Side note: I was experimenting with the salad as I've actually never had it before. That's why all the weird fat mixes... I think next time I'd skip the sour cream and avacado and go with the TR. It's dee-licious on the chili.


KSB Margarita Chicken

4-5 blocks protein from chicken
1 block carbs from cooked veggies
3-4 blocks carbs from mashed potatoes
3/4 blocks fat from butter and oils used in cooking the potatoes and veggies

Side note: I forgot my snacks AGAIN! That's why dinner was larger than normal. Glad I ate it though. 13.5 hours of work is a lot, and I got slammed while solo! I ran (no joke on the running part) for 2 hours solid! Glad I had those extra blocks!

Back pat of the day: Again, they brought a bread basket and potato latke with my breakamafast which I did NOT eat. AND despite being near soda for 13.5 hours yesterday AND sweet tea, I did not give in until hour 13. I had A glass of sweet tea after my thrashing that I took.

Not a bad eating day overall. I had tons of water too!

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