Monday, June 29, 2009

Today was just flippin' FRANTASTIC...

After taking my rest day yesterday, I was kind of itching to get to the box today and get moving on a WOD. I won't lie though, my heart sunk a bit when I saw what it was. Fran, sort of. Nothing gets me quite like Fran. Just the mention of the name Fran makes my stomach do flip flops. I get nervous when I hear thrusters and pull-ups mentioned in the same breath. Nothing will give me a complex faster than hearing the word Fran.

So today when I looked at the board and saw Fran intervals, I think I sort of panicked, but got my shoes on and got ready to go anyway. Today's Fran was done in intervals and sucked worse than the real Fran I think because there was more of it. Today's WOD looked like this.

Interval Fran
Rest 1-3 minutes between
Try to increase speed each round

I'm not going to lie. This WOD was rough. It was tough, no joke. I was able to get faster each round and my total time (minus rest) was 8:32. Not to shabby when you throw two extra rounds in there I thought. I def took the full 3 minutes of rest for each round because I was totally gassed. Thrusters are starting to feel easier with 65lbs so now I need to focus on moving faster. I was thinking of doing Fran on Friday for first Friday, now I'm not so sure I want to... :P We'll see how the rest of the week plays out.

Starting weight today: 170.2

*** I'm not going to lie to you. Seeing that number hurt more than I can possible tell you. 5 pounds in 2 days? I know I ate badly this weekend but to cause a 5 lb swing? Holy cow. It's playing with my mind completely right now.


Coffee- 1/2

I ordered eggs like usual, but I felt so awful this morning that I actually wasn't hungry at all. I'm definitely losing my taste for coffee though, so that is good.

Felt horrific all day long. Didn't have an appetite at lunch. Had some popcorn at the movies... and sadly had a soda. That was really stupid. Zone dinner is marinating in the kitchen as we speak.

I just have to wonder if this is ever going to be easy for me. I hate having a weight issue.

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