Thursday, June 4, 2009

Today's WOD: Running with the devil

Running with the devil!!!

Ah, yes, Van Halen and David Lee Roth. What a delightful way to start your day.... Ok, so maybe not so much David Lee Roth, but Van Halen is pretty cool. This week has been full of some wicked WOD's, and I was feeling like we were going to have another metcon today. When I woke up and realized that it was no longer torrentially downpouring like it was last night, I knew that we were probably going to be running, since everything yesterday had to do with arms.

Well as I cruised into CFOT this morning and took a gander at the white board, I saw to my amazing surprise.... RUNNING.... and ONLY running? It's true... I missed this wod the last time we did it, but today's WOD was... Run 5k for time. Really? Huh... well okay then.

I was a little concerned because I haven't been running lately AT ALL. Last spring I was so nervous about my 5K that I did in Chicago that I was running a lot. I also trained a fair amount for the half marathon back in October, but lately? A whole fat lot of nada. But, I would like to let my performance today be a testament to CF. I have only hit about 3 maybe 4 wod's lately that have involved a running circuit. Even with my lack of running, I PR'd today on my 5K. Last spring when I was TRAINING, I mean, running miles to prepare for the 5K (extreme I know but I'd never run a race before!) I only managed to finish the 5K in a little over 31 minutes! Today, still half asleep and with about 4.5 hours of sleep I managed to pull in a 29:36. Nearly a 2 minute PR! As Jerry said, that's what strength training will do for you! Def.

My glutes and hams have always been a weak point for me, so doing more back squats lately and going away from the quad dom front squats has really done a lot for me. I'd really like to start running again and see how strong I really could get. It'd be totally neat-o to find out!

A few weeks ago I was starting every WOD with an 800 m run. I really noticed a difference in those WOD's because the running really helped to warm me up and just in general loosen up my body. Then of course it started raining every GD day for a MONTH (I'm not bitter AT ALL!) and I stopped doing it. Hopefully the weather will chill out for a hot minute and I can get back to that because I think it's really actually quite helpful. I also started a loose Zone again this week. Hopefully by next week will be full throttle. I'm not a fan of things that jiggle when I run with the devil... boo!


epg said...

Congrats on the PR girl! Enjoy the adrenaline--blowing a PR out of the water it the best feeling ever. :)

Katie said...

Thanks... maybe one day I'll get as fast as you... PR girl with hip flexer issues? DAAAAAANG! :) Great job today! :)