Friday, June 19, 2009

Choose your own pain...

Despite my celebrations last night due to the end of the school year, I was up and at the box this morning at 0515. I still had to be at school today to pack and clean out my room, and since I wanted to get a good head start, I decided to get in early. Today Jerry let us pick our poison so to speak. We could either do workout A which was working on the clean pull with some heavy weight, or we could choose B which was another metcon burner.

Be very proud of me in this moment, because I chose letter B. I actually picked a metcon over a heavy lifting day! Our metcon today looked like this.

WU: 1 mile run (this was just my WU)

Box jumps
KBHP (53lbs)

Jerry yelled the 3-2-1 Go this morning while I was in the bathroom so I started a full minute behind everyone else and felt like I wasy playing catch-up through the whole wod. I have to admit that I felt like some serious poo but I'm not sure if it was actually the movements or a result of my adult bevies from yesteryear. The box jumps didn't feel too bad and actually the rowing didn't feel horrific either, but mainly the push-ups and the kbhp. These two hurt mostly because I'm STILL feeling Wednesday's WOD even with a rest day in between. I felt those KBHP in my hammies big time, and believe me when I say they were not happy with me at all. I think 53 may have been a bit much for me today. I should have scaled back, but hindsight is always 20/20. Push-ups, well what can I say that I haven't already said about push-ups... blech.

After the WOD today Christine was nice enough to take me for a celebratory fru fru coffee drink. Hell's bells no it's not Zone friendly but you know what, I freakin' earned it. She and I were talking though, and I decided that starting Monday, I'm going to be logging my meals for the day. I'm hoping that being publically accountable for my food, may help me make some better choices. I've not been good at all, and in fact, it's almost like I'm going out of the way to eat as unhealthily as possible. It's really quite bad and I feel horrible and disgusting for doing it. So really, it needs to shipshape up. My goal is to lose 10 lbs by the end of the summer... let's see how it goes. I'll post my starting weight on Monday.


Justa said...

3 hours 38 minutes!

Someone's gonna have a party today!

Katie said...

Justa no parties today... there was one last night, and one tomorrow... I'm glad to be done. I can't lie. It was an exhausting year on many fronts. I'm looking forward to a better Zone and more CF over the summer!

Anonymous said...

It's summer....It's summer.... HA HA HA... It's summer..It's summmmmmer!! That's my summer song - you should see the dance that goes with it!!! YAHOOO!