Saturday, June 27, 2009

Katie on CrossFit: What excites YOU?

I know that you'll probably find this very hard to believe, but I was having a discussion the other day with someone about CrossFit. All of a sudden they stopped me and said, "You could really go on for hours about this couldn't you?". The answer to that question was undoubtably yes with a big fat "DUH!" resonating in my head. This conversation got me to thinking about CF and other more traditional workout programs.

Until I found CF I'll admit that I was a globo gymer. I alternated my arm and leg days and threw in 20 or so minutes of cardio and abs a day. I guess I stayed in decent shape, but you know after awhile of doing this, I got bored. I will admit that at some point my gym going flat out stopped and working out just didn't interest me. It just didn't "move" me; it didn't "excite" me. My workout program didn't convince me that getting out of bed in the morning was a great idea. If anything my workout program basically did the opposite. My workout taught my body that workouts are mundane. All my body said was, "Please not that again. I would like more sleep instead." And truthfully I would listen because I felt the same way. Instead of exciting me and moving me to get out of bed each day, my WOD convinced me that more cover time was better than heading to the gym.

Now, after finding CF, all I can say is, WOW. Did all THAT ever change. Honestly. I'm not bored anymore. No two days at the box are EVER the same, and there's constant variety. Not to mention, I want to get out of bed because I LIKE knowing that I'm about to get thrashed. CF moves me. I feel good after I've literally spent myself in a workout. I feel stronger, I feel better for having just dumped gallons of sweat out of my body with 10 other people. And on top of all of that, I like going to CF in the morning because it also means I get to see my team. Never, until CF, did I understand the benefits of working out with a team. We give each other shit for sure. There's the constant banter back and forth about who can move more, who's being a sissy, who needs to move faster, but, BUT while we may do that, it is done with love and understanding. We sweat together, bleed together, and most importantly, we support each other. Bad days, good days, break-ups, stressed out, sick, injured, bad hair day... you name it and my team knows. They've got my back. In a globo gym, I never even so much as SPOKE to other people, let alone had them support me.

CrossFit moves me. It's a driving force that gets me out of bed in the morning. I know that something fun is coming. I know that if I don't go, my team is going to wonder where the f I am, and I'll probably get at least 2 or 3 emails/Facebooks inquiring as to where I was. CF excites me. It makes me want to go go see what's on the whiteboard for the day. It makes me want to go lift heavy and thrash myself in metcon WOD's that suck so badly you could swear that Jerry Hill has an evil CrossFit basement where he concocts them. CrossFit makes me want to Zone and be healthy when I can see all the things I am capable of doing and all the progress I've already made. CrossFit moves me when I see my friends reaching goals and pushing themselves. I'm proud of them, and I'm proud of me.

So my thought is this. Why? Why don't people want to be so moved and excited by their workouts that they could talk about them for hours on end? Why are they happy with the eliptical and a few kickbacks? Why are CF'ers still the outcasts;frowned upon and looked down upon for dropping weights and dripping chalk with their blood and sweat? Why do people want to be locked into a traditional weight lifting program where they never talk to another soul? No one there to share in their good days and their PR's. No one there to help with the bad days. Why would you WANT that? I want to be moved. I want to be excited. I feel sorry for those who aren't everyday and don't have the opportunity to have this experience. I'm sorry if talking about my wod's bothers you because I'm a bit too passionate, but you know, the question shouldn't be why am I so passionate? The real question should be, why aren't you? It's your health and your life. Why AREN'T you that passionate about it?

I'm going to keep talking about my WOD's. I am going to keep going hard. But more importantly, I'm going to keep letting CrossFit move me and see how far I can really go.

Excite me. Move me. Crush me. Teach me. BUILD me.

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Dan V said...

Great post Katie. I know what you mean by getting bored at the globo gyms.

I'm one those folks who would always sign up, go irregularly for a few weeks, then stop, but shell out the fee for many months before finally canceling. There was nothing there to draw me back.

Call it what you will; a lack of will-power, self-motivation, etc. It doesn't matter. The important thing is that I wasn't going.

Now, I can't say I've been at CF long (only since April) - so the verdict may still be out. But so far I have been drawn in 3-4 days a week and am liking it - pain, blisters, blood and all (except burpees, I HATE burpees!)

Way more than I can say for any other gym I joined. Cheers.

The Wigan Crossfitter said...

I'm with you 100% on this one Katie. What a great post.