Tuesday, June 9, 2009

She's going the distance... she's going for speeeed...

I thought you'd like a little Cake for breakfast. Get it?!?! CAKE (the band) for BREAKFAST?! Oh I kill me... ;)

I missed Monday's heavy back squats in favor of my run so I wasn't surprised when I walked in and saw that today's WOD was a quick burning metcon. I have determined that I need to work my weakness, so while I wasn't thrilled with the idea of doing more running, I knew it was a necessary evil if I'm going to get my behind back in shape.

So, today's WOD looked like this.

400 M run
15 Pull-ups
30 Push-ups
600 M run
12 Pull-ups
24 Push-ups
800 M run
9 Pull-ups
18 Push-ups

Time: 20:20

I was hoping to bring this in under 20 minutes but the deadly combo of my slow push-ups and slow running held me up. To be honest, the pull-ups felt great even with my torn up hand. I tore a little bit more skin on my hand during the WOD, but not anything too torturous. I was able to tie together 9s-12s in the sets, so it felt pretty good.

I was hoping that this would be under 20, but you know I gave it my best. I was really smoked after this WOD, so I know I pushed hard. I finished with 50 abmats. I figured you can never do TOO much core work you know? I'm going to keep working on the weakness and hope that it gets better over the next few weeks.

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