Saturday, June 13, 2009

Today's WOD: Pinky and the Brain

Brain (Katie): Are you thinking what I'm thinking Pinky?
Pinky (Sean): I think so brain, but won't doing 100 of all these exercises really hurt?!
Brain (Katie): Yes Pinky, but getting stronger will enable us to eventually take over the world!
Pinky (Sean): Narf!

Saturday's workout was officially called "Don't Drop the Baby", but I like my title better because well, I like to make fun of Sean. Saturday was a partner WOD and Sean and I teamed up to represent team 0515. Sean is a cool dude. He's like my WOD partner in crime. I thought together we did pretty well, but CLEARLY I am the Brain behind the operations. :)

Just kidding, but the gist of the WOD goes a little something like this.

With a partner, complete 100 of each of the following
In any order
No rounds
For time

Wall Ball
Air squats
Row for calories
Box jumps

The catch: While you are not completing the exercises, you must hold "the baby". For men the baby was 53lbs, for women 35. Since I was working with Sean, Jerry made us split the difference and hold a 45. The things I do for you Sean! :P Sean and I actually slammed through this pretty quickly I thought. Sean carried us on box jumps and push-ups though. I'm not going to lie. There his metconlicious butt kicked mine all over the place. On the other exercises though I was pretty much able to split things pretty equally with him. Our time combined was 40:23 I believe, which all things considered I thought was really good. We tried to mix up the exercises and break up the legs with other things, but the problem was that there weren't too many that didn't involve legs!

I will admit that I had a very hard time working this weekend as a direct result of that WOD. Holy crizzap! That was a leg smoker for sure... and the thing is that you're thinking so much about going fast and trying to beat the other teams that you don't realize how much work you're doing until it's over and you're like, wow I can't feel my legs... and then the next day you can feel everything in your legs cause it hurts so much. Yeah... it's totally one of those types of WOD's.

Narf! :P


Sean said...


I read this thing you know!

Katie said...

LOL... oh really? I hadn't noticed... ;)

Hey I said further down that you were a cool dude... I just happen to be the brains of our team operation... ;)