Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Even if you're DEAD, I'll still kill ya!

Buck: "Now don't you two go and do something stupid and get knocked out this thing. You hear me?"
Soldiers: "Yeah, Buck. We got it. Nothing stupid."
Buck: "Even if you're dead, I'll still kill ya'."

Ha! I really do enjoy Band of Brothers. While at times utterly depressing, it's done so well that I can't help but love it. Not to mention it of course tells an amazing story. Let's not forget that part. Talking about Band of Brothers actually makes me really miss the person who introduced me to it and the idea of the paratroopers. Haven't though about him in awhile... Anyhoo... I'm off topic already (imagine that). Let's corral those thoughts. Back to the subject at hand, being dead, or rather, doing deadlifts!

Today was a great day in the box. We hit a strength day with deads, which admittedly we have not done in a really long time. Last time we hit max singles on deadlifts, I topped out at 210. I've for whatever reason, always had a breakdown on deadlift form. Even back in my days of globo gyming (GASP!) I was never really good with deadlifts. I always rounded out. I think because I'm so strong in my shoulders, I honestly feel like I should just be able to pull the thing off the floor and f my legs. Which is great in theory, but not so much in practice seeing as how that's how people destroy their backs.

So today I was really determined to take Jerry's big breath cue and roll with it. I was actually almost overexaggerating the breath and for the first time, I actually make it up to 200lbs without a form breakdown. Today we were working 3 rep maxes, and I got to 185 and had to stop to think. I was getting tired, and I was making 10lb jumps. I was trying to decide if I should go 195 or just say "f it" and throw 200 on the bar and go for it. Well, I spoke with my Guru, my almighty, my Zen spiritual leader Jerry, and he told me to "throw some stinking weight on the bar" so I did. :) Actually that wasn't what he said. He said that earlier. But he did tell me to throw it on there and see what happens.

My first rep felt really awesome. For the girl whose 1 rep max was 185 about 3 months ago (with little to no dead practice in between mind you) even the idea that I was about to hit 200 for 3 was amazing to me. I was stoked. I didn't round and I felt strong. But reps 2 and 3 got me. Of all the reps today those were the ones I rounded on. I still felt strong, but when you round, it's time to call the ball. I really feel like I have a stronger 3 rep max in me, but I was tired and had let go of my core tension. And deads are NOT something I ever want to mess with. The LAST thing I want is to wind up out of commision with back problems because I was being all sorts of uber retarded when doing deadlifts. So 200X3 it is. Book it son!

Today's weight: 167.7


Vanilla Latte- only drank half which is probably equivalent to a star bucks tall (maybe less, but I think I get more points for not getting something with whipped cream!)
3 blocks carbs- Muesli- combo of pears, oranges, grapes, rolled oats, yogurt, strawberries, and walnuts)
2 blocks protein- eggs (scrambled... not that that matters, but just so you know how I like my eggs)
1/2 block protein- 2 strips bacon
1/2 block protein- yogurt from above

"Yay me!" part of the morning: again they brought me a bread basket, which they delivered without asking, I let it sit ON THE TABLE and did not eat it. I also did NOT eat the potato latke they served with my eggs. I WIN!


Katie's Strawberry Salad

1/2 block carbs Romaine
1/2 block carbs matchstick carrots
1 1/2 blocks carbs strawberries
1/2 block hothouse cucumber
3 blocks protein leftover marinated chicken from last night (it was dee-licious)
3 blocks fat from 2 Tbsp gorgonzola/walnut/cranberry dressing from Trader Jose (dee-licious!)


KSB Voodoo Salad
3/4 blocks protein grilled chicken
3/4 blocks carbs from salad fixins (romain/iceberg mix, veggie mix which contains cucumber, onion, green pepper, carrots, and corn) and 1/2 piece corn bread
3 blocks fat from salad dressing

Snacks fell by the wayside today. I forgot to have one in the afternoon because I was trying to finish my laundry, and then I forgot to pack one before I went to work.... :( oops. My blocks were low today.

Extras: lots of f'ing water!

Bad things: after getting my butt kicked for close to 3 hours at work, I drank 1/2 glass sweet iced tea... :(

OH! I almost forgot! If you are like me and have a big problem just drinking straight water... try this trick. Take a lime, cut it in half. Squeeze the juice from 1/2 the lime into a glass. Leave the lime in the class. Fill with ice and water. Not as good as sprite, but very natural substitute. Limes also are very cheap at Trader Jose's this week! Just an FYI. :)

I win!


Christine said...

Thanks for lifting with me. Just standing next to you and a barbell makes me feel strong... like I better pull something or go home!

Congrats to you on the zone. I'm not perfect yet either, but I'm getting pretty close. Good news is I haven't killed anyone yet:) To include the cute twiggy who baked cookies yesterday and a pie today.

Katie said...

Cookies and pie? Oh my...

Christine, hang in there... I'm not perfect but I'm better than I was and that's got to count for something in the weight loss/healthy me realm.