Monday, June 22, 2009


So we've be listening to Jerry's I-Pod for a few weeks, and today I thought I would donate a generous gift to my fellow CFOTers and bring in a new playlist. Not that we don't like Jerry's but when you hear it everyday, you start to crave that whole variety thing. So anyway, I was thinking based on our past few weeks that today would be a heavy lifting day. So I geared up a new playlist with all sorts of rocky things because the boys APPARENTLY hate lifting to ABBA. Who knew?

So I get to the box and I'm all excited to share, and what do you think my pasted open eyes saw? Oh, that's right. Jerry TOTALLY got me with FRAN! Crap! My playlist wasn't geared for an out MAC 10, balls to the wall, crazy gone stupid sort of workout. Well CRAP!

So since there were so many of us rocking out the 0515 class, Jerry set us up in flights. I decided to go in the second flight because I had taken the time to make the playlist today and therefore was almost late to class, and I needed to stretch. So anyway, I watched some bad mo fo's hit Fran hard in the first flight and then got ready to go. I have to admit, for the first time in nearly a week, I was pain free. Nothing was sore, torn, bruised, callused beyond belief. Aside from only sleeping for 3 hours, I felt awesome!

Jerry gave us the old 3-2-1 and go and away we went. I felt like I was straight up FLYING through the 21s and 15s. And then... AND THEN... I hit the wall. No kidding. I straight up slammed it. I was on PR pace too dude and then I flat out slammed into the wall. The 9s are a sprint and I couldn't tie anything together. I was flat out gassed. Someone said pace yourself in Fran... pace yourself? How the F do you pace yourself? It was beyond me. I ended with a 5:53, which isn't too shabby all things considered, but I was disappointed that I wasn't able to PR. I HATE when I can't PR. Boo hiss. But as Jerry says, if we PR'd every time we walked into the box, we'd all be Olympians. I'd like to be an Olympian... that sounds like fun... ahhh yes, Fran.

Ah crap, nearly forgot. As promised, here is my food itinerary for today as well as my starting weight.

Starting weight: 168.8
Goal weight 158.00

Post WOD:

Tall caramel light frap (hey, give me credit, not only did I ditch the venti I've been guzzling, but I also ditched the whipped cream and about 20 grams of fat)


Coffee- regular with 2 splenda and some milk
Muesli (a blend of rolled oats, yogurt, pears, oranges, strawberries, grapes and walnuts)- this accounted for all of my carbs. Rough guesstimate is that it was 1 Cup
2 eggs
2 pieces of bacon

**** Hooray of the day- the waitress brought me a bread basket, which I declined. They also served my eggs with a potato latke which I did NOT eat. humpf

Pat, pat, pat, pat, pat (Just patting myself on the back)


Katie's Strawberry Salad
1/2 block carbs Romaine
1/2 block carbs match stick carrots
1/2 block carbs hothouse cucumber
1 block carbs strawberries
3 blocks fat dressing
2 blocks protein from 2 oz moz cheese


3 blocks protein from oven baked marinated chicken- marinated in Italian dressing, ginger, light soy sauce, and a smidge of vanilla
3 blocks (maybe a smidge more?) from baked potato
3 blocks fat from marinade and faux butter on potato

Snack before dinner:

palm full of slivered almonds
1 oz moz cheese


Bacon said...

How many blocks are you eating a day? That looks like only about 8? Not to be all lecture-y or whatever but be careful not to cut back too much. I think 11 is the minimum they recommend for even the smallest people anything less and you'll start to bonk during your WODs really quickly, I bet.

Katie said...

Bacon that doesn't sound lecture-y at all. It sounds like sound dietary advice. I'm aiming for 11 blocks/day which is what I was doing before when I was Zoning and had great success with. I am, admittedly, not the same person I was when I started Zoning last time and have (obviously) gained muscle tone. So I may need to adjust as needed. So far, so good. I didn't get to post up that there was another snack after dinner, but it was late (not the best time to eat I know) but schedule dictates my eating...

I was also light on lunch yesterday for the sheer and simple fact that I ran out of strawberries. They had gone bad. (Strawberry Gone Bad?) I rectified my strawberry issue last night by going to Trader Jose's. :)