Monday, June 8, 2009

Work it girl!

Due to some family stuff, I was out of town for the last day or so. So, this morning, I wasn't able to get up and get some with my usual 0515 crew. So, instead after getting back into DC from PA, I charged up the old I-Pod and headed for CFOT. I knew that today was 3-3-3-3-3 back squats, but you know, after traveling and everything, I just wasn't feeling all there mentally. For heavy lifting you really need to be there. You can't just say, eh yeah ok let's go, because THAT'S when you get hurt. That's when you do something stupid and things go to hell in a handbasket right quick. So I did what I thought to be the smart thing, and laced up the old tennies for another running WOD this week.

I'm pretty much determined to kick my own arse back into shape since metcon wise and also astetically, I'm not doing so hot. My metcon is way down, and I've gained back some weight because of poor choices I've made. So, metconalicious Katie is coming through. I'm determined to get on my A game with my metcon, and with my diet. I started getting back to the Zone last week, and the eating wasn't too bad. It's the drinking that's going to be the problem. After doing SO well last spring, I let the old soda/Starbucks habits kick back in. Now I'm trying to kick them for like the 8h time, and it's not as easy as it was last time. I'm really making an effort, and I'm doing ok. I'm not perfect yet, but doing ok. I'm hoping that this switch back to the Zone and throwing more metcon and getting back to 5 days a week will really help me kick start some good things.

Anyway, I hit CFOT for a good running WOD today, and I got one. The temp was up, the humidity was up, and boy I sure got a good sweat going. I cranked the I-tunes and killed my ear drums and my lungs while I hit some old fashioned interval training. I used to do this WOD back at the Blue Room, but I'm not sure if I can compare the two. The old building I don't think was exactly 800 M, and it was totally flat. This is 800 M and is slightly uphill. So I guess I'll just have to sort of gauge how I felt today, and then do this WOD in a few weeks and see if I see any changes.

4 rounds
Run 800 M
Rest 2 min
Finish-50 Abmats

Not a truckload of running, but enough to make me hurt. Doing this as intervals made it suck a lot more too because I felt like I really needed to push all out for the whole 800M, whereas if this was a trail run, I'd just be sitting back and idly pacing myself where I felt comfortable. So, really, this sucked a whole lot more than just running 2 miles. I hear there is another delicious metcon on the way for tomorrow, so there's probably more running in my near future. As Jerry says, it is good to work the weakness! And working it I am! Work it girl! I'm a cover girl! ;)

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