Monday, June 29, 2009

Saturday's WOD: 5K who?

Last week I knew that I was planning on traveling over the weekend, so I knew that to get my 5 CF days in, I needed to go each day. But me being me, I packed some workout gear in my bag JUST in case I felt like doing a WOD on Saturday. Since I only got one run in last week, I decided when I woke up on Saturday to go for a decent run.

So I made a new playlist, lovingly entitled "Move yo' ass", synced up the I-Pod and headed off to the local Y. I prefer to run outside over inside, but since I wasn't sure of the distances around my house, I decided to go with the easier solution and just hit the treadmill. Unfortunately, I discovered something about me and treadmills. We REALLY don't mix. I had a very hard time finding a steady rhythm. I was always too fast or two slow, and felt like I just couldn't get a good stride down. My playlist, which just hours before had seemed great was suddenly annoying the pants off of me, and at one point I actually listened to the same song 4 times because I had found a decent pace to the beat.

I got peeved because I was tight in the calves and had to stop to stretch so I hit pause on the tread so that I could go stretch. Well as soon as I did that, lo and behold the machine erased my information. CRAP! So, I started all over again. Then the same thing happened AGAIN. I needed to stretch out my calves so I popped off then back on hit the button aaaannnndddd.. NADA! DOUBLE CRAP! So... to the best of my knowledge, I probably walked about a mile and ran about 3.5. It was slow, it was tedious, but I got some cardio in and burned some calories.

My food from the weekend because it was horrific. The drive home was good, and Saturday breakfast was good, and I even tried to be good at the BBQ. I did the burger without the bun, small bit of potato salad, small piece of veggie pizza which was sooo good, and a small piece of cake. No alcohol at the picnic. But during the night, the bachelorettes really just wanted to drink so they didn't want to go somewhere where I could get a Zone dinner, and we wound up ordering pizza. No bueno. Plus the booze. Although to be fair, I only had four drinks all night long. I give myself a pat for that and keeping the booze under control.

Sunday on the way home, I did stop at Sheetz, but instead of getting eggs, which I thoguht would actually make me puke, I got my usual lunch sandwich which is chicken with mayo for fat, and then the wrap plus peppers and onions for carbs. Tons of water too. Then I went out for lunch and I got, fried chicken. It sounded good, but regretted the decision the minute the server walked away. I ate too much and was still so full that I didn't eat another thing for the rest of the day. So much for Zone perfect. :(

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Justa said...

My gym has a bunch of treadmills, and a number of them have been acting wonky lately. The damned belts are slipping, and my runs just get all messed up when they do. Once the belt slips once or twice, I don't feel comfortable ramping up the speed. Annoying. I'd much rather run outside, but I don't care for running around the sidewalks in midtown dodging people and doing the corner dance at traffic lights. did what you did. Today is a new day, Katie.