Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Gonna make you sweat...

Ok so in looking for the actual music video to this song, I found this, which actually just made me laugh even more.

So today's wod on the white board was a couplet. But unfortunately since I can't do double unders (something about lack of coordination or something... :P) I had to do the alternate. Crap.

The couplet looked like this:
Double unders

The alternate looked like this:
Box jumps
KB swings

Time: 21:41

I actually felt really good on the box jumps today and the kb swings and took minimal rest on those two, and I really thought even for me I was moving pretty steadily through the push-ups. I thought this was a pretty good time until I saw the classes after me demolish it. :( No bueno...

This wod made me good and sweaty though. There was a pile under my nose when all was said and done. Afterwards I went out for a 1 mile run but had a really hard time. My calves kept cramping. More potasium?

Starting weight today: 167.0

Yesterday's lunch:

4 blocks protein from leftover chicken
2 blocks carbs from 1/2 baked potato
2 blocks carbs from steamed veggies
4 blocks fat from marinade on chicken and butter on veggies/potato

** This was a larger than normal meal for me, but for some reason, I was starving.

Yesterday's dinner:

KSB voodo salad
3 blocks protein grilled chicken
1 block carbs from veggie mixtures (carrots, corn, green peppers, cucumber, red onion)
1/2 block carbs from Romaine lettuce
2 blocks carbs from cornbread
3 blocks fat from salad dressing

Today's breakamafast

Coffee (only drank half again... I think my taste really is going)
3 blocks carbs from Muesli (yogurt, rolled oats, oranges, pears, apples, strawberries et al.)
2 blocks protein from 2 eggs
1 block protein from bacon
1 block carbs from piece of bread
3 blocks fat from bacon and oils used in cooking

Again, I was starving today. Hence the bread. I really need to remember snacks. I keep forgetting!


Bacon said...

If you forget to pack snacks have you considered just eating 3 bigger meals? I don't strict zone anymore but I find that 3/4/4 gets me through the day just fine. I just keep my carbs as mostly veggies/fruit (and am probably a little low most days) and don't stress over the fat (and am probably a little high)

Katie said...

Bacon for now I was trying to follow the stricter model but I'm having a little trouble with the snack just because of work and my schedule... I'm going to find a way to balance this if it kills me!

Bacon said...

I think that's totally understandable. I've gone back and forth about the whole strict weigh & measure vs. eyeball thing a few times. When I first started zoning I dropped weight at a serious rate and it sort of freaked me out - now if I go strict w&m again that doesn't really happen and I think it's because even if I don't pay close attention I still follow the basics - protein/carbs/fat at every meal so it's not quite the shock to my system that it used to be. I think cutting grains out of my diet (minus the occasional cheat) has made a bigger difference in how I feel and how less hungry I am during the day. Just switching out my oatmeal and pb w/ breakfast for berries/melon and avocado (with eggs and bacon, of course) has made a HUGE difference. Before I was dying by 11:30 (breakfast around 7:30 or so) now I can easily make it til 1pm.

As far as snacks go - I've found individual packages of beef jerkey (9g protein) at Harris Teeter - 2 of those and a LaraBar and you're good...a bit high on fat but since you're very active while working I think that's probably not a big deal.