Friday, July 24, 2009

Who DOESN'T love WOD's at the globo gym?

I know that I'm way behind on the posting curve, but bear with me. I was out of town this weekend for a wedding and I'm amazed that I even got this WOD in. There was a lot of running and craziness and me not having as much time to myself as I thought I was going to have. But regardless, it all worked out well in the end and the wedding, despite the weather, went off pretty well. There were a few technical difficulties, but what can you do?

Before too much of the mayhem got started I managed to get a wod in at the YMCA which is not really close to my house, but eh, again, living in central PA, there aren't gyms right around the corner. So I had to travel about 15 minutes, but all for the love of CrossFit! :P

We've been working a lot of cleans and some snatches lately at CFOT so I wanted to do some work on both those things. I've been focused so much on going heavier lately that I've been losing a lot of speed for whatever reason, so I was working a lot on elbow whips, and getting myself into that nice full extension at the top of the pull, where my hips are totally open and I'm just about to duck under the bar. I'm not entirely sure where that went exactly but it seems to have disappeared.

This definitely got me some strange looks as I was standing in the middle of the room with a bar, and people seemed to have a hard time understanding why I wasn't laying on a bench pressing it out or curling it up. I got some wicked funny looks when I started full on snatching it over my head too. :P It was what we would deem a "men's bar" or a 45lb oly bar, so I'm sure those people probably thought I was way off my rocker to be throwing 45 lbs over my head. LOL.... if only they knew how much I USUALLY throw over my head. Ha.... so anyhoo... after that nice long warm-up of cleans and snatches, I decided to do a metcon circuit since heavy lifting on your own is never as much fun, not to mention, Jerry's not around to keep an eye on my form.

So, my Friday fun looked like this.

5 strict pull-ups
10 snatch (20 lbs)
15 air squats

Time: 10:34

This actually would have been a nice little circuit, but... there's always a but. I had a really hard time with the pull-ups. The machine was way to high for me, so doing pull-ups on it was really super challenging. I did 2 rounds all strict, part of the 3rd strict, and then had to switch to kipping. Not that I wasn't still getting a great workout, I was, but the strict would have been better for me.

I had to laugh because while I was doing this, some guy came in and started doing all sorts of atypical globo gym moves in the corner and I could tell he was totally watching me out of the corner of his eye wondering what on earth I was doing. I really do forget sometimes how some people just have traditional fitness ingrained in them... it's too weird.

Oh, but the best was when later I went back to working more snatches and cleans, and this same guy came up beside me and started doing... dun dun dun! You guessed it... bicep curls. Right next to me in the mirror. I looked at my bar, looked at his bicep curls, and started to giggle. I don't think he really thought that his bicep curls were funny, but I sure did. :) Oh globo gyms... and the way they make me laugh. :)


Justa said...

They're used to me at the gym I go to. I may very well be a source of entertainment for some of them. I know I find 95% of the people there entertaining....especially the ones that go there day after day, year after year, spending hours on those cardio machines...and never change their bodies one bit. You'd think they would kinda figure out they're missing the boat somehow, huh?

kelsalynn said...

Hey there Katie! I've been doing CF for almost a year... found your blog and it's great to read a chick's workouts with CF!!! Keep up the awesome work you're doing and feel free to check out my blog whenever you get time.

BTW- I always workout at a Globo Gym and yes, all the guys look at me funny! :P That's okay, I probably do 50 reps in the time it takes them to do one.

Katie said...

Justa, one would think that after awhile something would click, but you know... amazingly with some people it just never seems to. Thankfully we're the smart ones... ;)

Hey Kelsalynn! Thanks for the comment! Great to hear that you've been CF'ing for a year! I love everything it's done for me and can't wait to continue to chart my progress as I go. I'll def check out your blog when I have some time.