Monday, July 20, 2009

I do what I want! I'm grown!

I tried to find a YouTube clip of Cartman saying that, but sadly due to copyright infringment I could only find a really crappy one that was about 15 seconds long. But I just thought it fitting since today's workout was "Cindy Grows Up", uh... oops that wasn't it. "Cindy Got Strong!"

Ok, so Cindy pretty much is a gasser of a WOD on a normal basis, so Jerry just thought for fun he'd make it a little worse.... uh... CRAP!

The new strong Cindy looks like this

AMRAP in 20 min

3 weighted chins (15lbs)
5 front squats (100 lbs)
7 clapping push-ups (I did regular ones)

It seemed that the average today for everyone was between 9-10 rounds. I did 11.33. But I couldn't do clapping push-ups, so I should have been able to do 12/13 maybe even 14. I liked this workout because I liked adding the weight to it, but I was sort of disappointed that I didn't do more rounds.

I'm sure that you've noticed that the food stuff has been missing from my blog this week. I know. I'm having a hard time getting it under control. Going away last weekend really shot me in the foot. I need to regroup and get things back under control. I'm still using the general Zone concept but I'm nowhere near the right blocks. I'm hungry sometimes at weird hours now and I'm not hungry when I should or can eat dinner. It's been bizarre.

All I know is that food for me has been a lifelong struggle and I am trying to take the necessary steps to retrain my brain but it's difficult to undo 27 years worth of work overnight. Still struggling with it but I'm doing ok. I'm not perfect but doing ok. I haven't been eating pizza and fried food everynight, in fact haven't had it at all but I still need to get my carbs (largely sugar) under control. I'm still hoping to lose some weight by the end of the summer.


Anonymous said...

have you thought of going on a 100% raw diet? I had a struggle with food too but i changed to 100% unprocessed raw food and have never felt better. I've lost alot of weight and and i don't have to regulate caloric intake like other diet plans. i eat whatever i want as long as it fits the parameters of being raw unprocessed food. if your interested i could throw some websites and info at you

Justa said...

How about going primal, Katie? I've started it a few weeks ago. I'm probably about 90% clean on this, and I feel great. After getting started, it really has been effortless. I mean it. Really. I don't walk around feeling hungry or like I'm making some huge sacrifice at all. Check out for more info. There are other info sources out there, but his site (and book) are great.

Justa said...

Oh...and the fat seems to just be melting off my body on this. It's crazy!