Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Let me see if I can run it, run it... I believe I can run it, run it!

What? You don't like Chris Brown? Ah come on... he only has that one character flaw... :P

4 rft
400 m run
50 air squats

Time: 16:08

For a really bad runner with even worse sore legs from deads and thrusters, I'll take this one. Not a bad time. Book it son! :)

Starting weight: 166.0

2 blocks protein from eggs
1 block protein from bacon
2 blocks from potatoes
2 blocks from toast
3 blocks fat from butter, bacon, and cooking oils


KSB Pig Salad

4 blocks protein from chicken
1 block carbs from lettuce and veggies
3 blocks carbs from cornbread
3 blocks fat from salad dressing

Note: After thinking, this truly isn't a good choice. While yes it's all the basics, the chicken has BBQ sauch on it. I forget to factor that in. I also had soda today... wah wah wah... :(


Bowl KSB Chicken Vegetable soup

3 blocks protein from chicken
2/3 blocks carbs from veggies in soup, side cooked veggies
1/2 blocks carbs from cornbread

DAMNIT! I love cornbread... :(

1 comment:

Justa said...

I'm doing this one tomorrow.

Nothing wrong with that time, Katie! The only time I did this one I posted a 16:38. I want to beat that tomorrow!