Wednesday, July 29, 2009

3-3-3 Deadlifts...

After a running day yesterday it was hard to feel excited about deadlifts today. I was a little sore, but also, I just don't really like deadlifts. I'm not sure if anyone else in the CF (or really the lifting world) feels the same way about deadlifts as I do, but deadlifts are not a great exercise for me, largely because I am terrified of them. I know that may sound stupid, but think about it. If something feels off, you can drop a jerk, a snatch, a clean, just about anything. But, almost similar to a backsquat, with a deadlift, you really don't know that something is wrong until the damage is already done, you've already rounded or lost your tension. Not to mention, one wrong move and you could seriously injure yourself by pulling out your back. This thought scares me like no other. Having 155 lbs over my head does NOT scare me in the slightest. Completing a bad deadlift does.

But, like Jerry always tells me, I have to work my weaknesses, and these are a weakness for me, so I did. I felt pretty good until I got to some pretty serious weight. Then I started to round out and lose a little bit of core tension. Once I felt that it was game off. I'd rather play it safe than risk it. The weights today looked like this.


185 felt a little bit iffy, but 205 def did. So I decided to stop there. I could probably have pulled more, but I prefer to stay out of the injury area. So, 205 it was today. Not the best, but not the worst. For an exercise I consider a weakness, I'll take it. :)


Justa said...

You put up some pretty damned good weights there Katie!

kelsalynn said...

My issue w/ Deadlifts is just holding onto the bar... it's more that my hands/wrists are weak and not necessarily my legs/butt. It sucks!

I think 205 is great! I got that this week for my 1-rep max and I was stoked!

Katie said...

Thanks Justa! I was pretty please since this is a weak movement for me! Still workin' the hammies!

Thanks Kelsa.... great job on breaking 200! Just a thought on grip. Do you use double overhand or over/under for your deads?