Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Whose brilliant idea was it to do so many pushups?

So remember me saying that I was really going to regret taking time off and eating like crap? I really regret taking time off and eating like crap. It was fun at the time, but not so fun during the wod. Although it was a bodyweight circuit, it kicked my arse entirely... why? Well because it looked like this.

15 pull-ups
30 pushups
45 abmats

Time 36:52

Nope, I didn't write that wrong. I didn't stutter. It really took me that long today. Why? Not because my pullups were slow, not because I was resting on the abmats, but because I am that darned slow at push-ups. I could have modified... extra emphasis on the could have, but I didn't. Why? I don't know, because I'm retarded I suppose and not to mention insanely stubborn to boot.

I was experimenting today and tried taping my pullup bar to help with the grip issues that I've been having, and actually found that I had some success with it. I was able to do sets of 12 during the 2nd and 3rd round, and then straight 15 on the last round. Normally my grip starts to slip after 6 or so, and although my strength is still there I just can't hold the bar. The tape helped to give me a little extra grip. I know some people will probably say that I'm cheating, but the only thing I'm really cheating is my workout by not being able to push myself on the bar just because my hands are slipping... so to that, I'm going to point you to Byers' F' Off Scale. Granted hers is more food oriented, but eh... whatevs. :P The point is still there. I'll tape my bar and take my 20 kipping pull-ups thank you.

Starting weight today: 164.4


Cereal (yes I know)


Cereal (again, I know)


KSB Voodoo salad

3-4 blocks protein from grilled chicken
1-2 blocks carbs from lettuce and vegetable mixture (carrots, cucumbers, red onions, green peppers, celery, and corn)
1-2 blocks carbs from 1/2 piece of cornbread
3 blocks fat from salad dressing

Jerry and I were talking about my diet the other day, and so I'm going to try to play around with my fat/protein ratio before straight up increasing the blocks on my meals. I'm going to try eating more protein first, and keep the carbs the same. I need to get back on my routine though and more importantly go grocery shopping. Being out of town for four days, I didn't want to grocery shop last week, so now I also don't have any food in my house. I really need to get a handle on this! I feel very spastic with my work/travel schedule! I'm out of town again next week for 5 days for a wedding and again two weeks after that for NYC. FRUSTRATING!


Justa said...

Please at least say it wasn't Fruit Loops or something like that!!!

Nothing wrong with a little stubborn, Katie. Always make sure you at least have stuff in the freezer.

Christine said...

trust me... it wasn't my brilliant idea....

my take away was I need to do 'em every day... even if it is only 5 good ones.

Of course, I'm so wicked sore at the moment, it won't be today!

Never mind the pathetic attempt at jerking today...

Katie said...

No, it was lucky charms... ;)

Just kidding Justa... it was special K.

I am ungodly stubborn... I have on occassion been compared to a donkey... :P

Christine, I'm with you. My clean and jerks today were horrific. I was so sore!

Erin said...

I too am suffering from a "spastic" schedule--you're not alone! Visitors in town, traveling, outright laziness lead to horrible eating. i.e. my ice cream for dinner last night. I did have some grapes too-does that count? I try, if nothing else, to keep fruit, yogurt, and a zone/lara bar in the house and at work. keeps me from doing really bad things!!