Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What the FRAN?!

Jerry seems to be stuck on Fran lately. This is 3 Mondays in a row where something very Franesque how come up. First it was Fran, then it was interval Fran, and then it was thrusters and MU's, but since I can't do MU's, guess what the sub was... uh huh... pull-ups, well, and ring dips. :P

The WOD was
For time
Men 115
Women 78

Now, I'm not sure how Jerry came up with those numbers but whatevs. I did the thrusters with 78. But I did them on the alternate WOD.

The Alternate looked like this
Ring dips


I felt pretty speedy but had to use the floss for the dips and even with the floss my arms were hittin' fatigue pretty fast. I'm sure there were a few in there that maybe I shouldn't have counted just because I'm not sure I locked them out 100%. I really wish I didn't have to use a band for dips, but that's something to work on over the summer, just like I did last summer. I got dips by the end of the summer, but lost them during the school year because I stopped hanging out and playing around for all that extra time.

I'm working on the MU's now too after a little poking and prodding from Jerry yesterday. It's funny. A lot of people post an MU as one of their big goals. For me it just never came up. I'm not great with bodyweight movements and so I was sort of content just to lift and hold heavy things. I don't think an MU is COMPLETELY out of the question, but I think it's going to take me a good while. Probably 3-4 months of transition and kip work. I can do a jumping MU. I don't actually have a problem with the transition and locking out, but it's the getting TO the transition where I have a problem. I cannot kip with the false grip in. So, we'll see what happens.... hopefully a muscle up... and at this rate with all the Fran stuff, hopefully a sub 5:30 Fran too! EEsh!

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