Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Throw some stinking weight on the bar! Or heavy deadlifts...

I had this whole blog written and ready to post about the deadlifts, and wouldn't you know it, Internet Explorer stopped working and had to close.... my isn't technology GREAT! Freakin' computer!

Anyway, thanks to Sean and Christine, I knew on Monday night that deads were coming up today. It wasn't really TERRIBLY big secret as Jerry had told us last week that deads were coming up this week, he just hadn't told us EXACTLY when. So, when they came up today, I was sort of nervous. Jerry had sort of thrown me a gauntlet last week when he told me he thought I should hit at least 225.

I won't lie folks, I am a deadlift wuss. I'm a lot of things. Overly chipper, somewhat hyperactive, a sufferer of verbal diarhea, a wineocerous, disgustlingly forgiving, kind hearted with lots of good intentions that somehow manage to go badly awry, but on top of all that, I am a deadlift wuss. When it comes to heavy deads, I get uber sorts of nervous. As a deadlifter, I tend to round my back which is a common form fault. If you ask Jerry he can tell you that my deadlifts have come a long way. They still need work, but are far better than they used to be. But here's the thing. Deadlifts are a scary mother because you can really f' yourself up with a bad deadlift. No joke. I really don't want to go to the hospital with a slipped disc or pulled back because I was too stubborn to know when to quit and pulled a dead off the floor with a rounded back. No sir.

So, I tend to back off perhaps sooner than I should. At 215 and 225 there was a minor round. Not something that caused a red flag and Jerry giving me the axe, which he has done before. But enough to make him say if you're going to go heavier you need to tighten up your core even more. Well, to be honest, 225 was already a 15 lb pr and I was feeling pretty good about it, so I took a cue from Maverick and called the ball. I really feel my true max is closer to 240/250 but I need some more work on my set up before I get there. So, 225 it is. Book it son.


Grande Vanilla Latte

*** I know I know I know... shouldn't skip meals, but I was having such a fun time at CFOT working on MU's that I got home late.


3 blocks protein from 3 oz chicken
2 blocks carbs from 1/2 baked potato
1 block carbs from 1/3 c. steamed peas
3 blocks fat from butter sub on peas/potato


4 blocks protein from chicken breast with approx. 1/2 oz cheddar cheese
2 blocks carb from 1/2 sandwich bun
1/2 block carbs from small side salad
1 block carbs from cooked carrots and broccoli
2 blocks carbs from cornbread
4 blocks fat from salad dressing and 50/50 butter on veggies

*** This would have been much better had I not eaten the bread.

*** Side note- This starts week 3 of healthier (but not perfect) eating for me. As you can see from my posts, gone are much of the sugars and sweets that I was chowing down on repeatedly during my last month+ of school. My eating could still use some tweaking, I'm thinking I may now be 4 blocks and not 3, but we'll continue and see how things progress.

Rome was not built in a day, and I cannot retrain my brain in just a few short days. For those of you are are ranting about my coffee intake, consider this for a minute. A white chocolate mocha which I was downing a venti of every morning before school has 580 calories with 190 coming from fat. 22 grams of fat with 15 of them being saturated. While yes, there are 19 grams of protein in the drink, there are 79, no I didn't stutter, 79 grams of carbs, 75 of them SUGAR! So compare that to my new grande vanilla latte. Boasting 250 calories with only 60 from fat. There are only 6 grams of fat with 4 saturated versus that 22/15 ratio from before, and the sugar content, while still not good is significantly less at 34. So, you see, it's still not ideal in the sugar world, but it's much better.

I give myself points for much better! It's the small victories that will eventually lead to the largest victory of all. My ideal weight, and me being much healthier.


Justa said...

Great work on the deads, Katie!

Too bad you weren't around when I finished my workout today! I'm at 214 pounds....you so could have picked my sorry butt up off the floor!

The sugar'll kill you, kid!!! Better is better, though, so kudos to you.

Erin said...

way to go on the coffee...you have to live life and if some coffee is what you love, so be it. You did read Byers blog on "cheats" right? Slow and steady, but conscious choices are what it is all about. You're making great progress and inspiring me to keep at eating challenge slowly but surely.

Katie said...

Erin, I'm glad that my postings are helping. I'm trying to stick with it!

Justa, I'll deadlift you but you have to promise to lay really still... ;)

Justa said...

I'm just gonna let that one be, Katie! There are way too many childish comments I could make and shouldn't!