Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ch-ch-ch-changes.... turn and face the change... ch-ch- changes!

If you are a regular reader, and you've noticed that my daily posts are now not quite so daily, YOU are a very smart reader. Ok, so I think all my readers are smart, but that's just because well.... you're smart to like me... :) EEEH! Yup, I just did the pig thing again...

Soooo, howzabout that whole life thing? Yeah, about that... remember how I said that after swimming everything was going to slow down for me? Yeah, about that... that hasn't so much worked. Awhile ago, I got wind of some things going on at my second job that I REALLY didn't like. There was a rumor flying around that one of my coworkers was about to become a manager at our place due to one of our managers leaving. Normally, this wouldn't have bothered me. I had no interest in the job seeing as how I have a full time one of those already, and to be honest, I don't have a problem with equals stepping into management so long as it's not just so they can pull power trips. So, I was totally fine, until I heard who it was.

The person who was supposedly going to now be my boss was someone who as a server is, well, less than fully competent and gets weeded (restaurant speak for off track/very busy/not able to handle things) on three tables. My response? W-T-F?! Seriously... the dude is not what I would call management material, and certainly was not what I wanted in a potential boss. So, I decidede that despite having been there for 3.5 years, it was time to go. I decided I needed to leave. I applied to a few other places, but really didn't hear anything back. I guess the cards of fate were not going in my favor. But as it turns out, the rumor wasn't true, or rather, we think it was, but when management got wind of all of us leaving due to their decision, they backpeddled quite a bit. The person who wound up shifting into the new management position was actually a good friend of mine, and I had no trouble respecting her, and so I figured I would stay.

Well, a few weeks went by and just before our big snow I got a call from one of the restaurants I had applied to, asking if I was still interested in the job. I told them I was and set up an interview. I went in and thought I spoke pretty well, but couldn't get a read off of either of the two managers I interviewed with. I waited a few days and called back to find out that I needed to have another interview and so I set up that one. During the week we were out of school due to snow, I went in, and FINALLY got the job. It was bittersweet for me because my (now) old restaurant was very good to me. I had my schedule set and they worked well with me, but money wise, it really wasn't any good for me anymore. I needed more than what they could give. So, I trained at the new place the same week I worked out my final shifts at the old place, which needless to say, was not something I ever intend to repeat again. It was BRUTAL.

I wound up working 10 doubles in 11 days so of course CF took a hit, but it was of course for a good cause... my financial cause that is. Anyway, after that week I was up and running on my own, which was a good thing....sort of. I've been working a lot, and since this is all still very new to me, it's not as mindless as the old place. At the old place I had been there so long that I could be half dead and still do my job pretty well. I knew the ins and outs by heart, and most questions I had been asked so many times that I had an automated response. This place, I'm not there yet. It will come, but it takes a lot more energy there for me to stay on top of things and stay on my toes. Not to mention, the volume there is HUGELY different. It is a MUCH busier place. Even with smaller section sizes, my sales at the end of the night are MORE than what I ran at the old place.

While the jump was hard for me to make because my old restaurant has been so good to me, it is very clear to me now that it was the right choice. But the new place is busier and open later, so it's taking it's toll on my body. As I said, I know I will adjust, but it will take a bit. This switch has been nothing short of a godsend. I have felt for a long time that financially, I was just stuck. I was being held in place by this cycle that I couldn't seem to break. This switch, this change, seems to have broken the cycle. While I'm completely thrashed and exhausted (not to mention sick with a cold... YAR!) I'm also totally and completely HAPPY. Something I have not truly and honestly been with my life in a long long time. I love the food and the beer at the new place. It's actually an alehouse that has license to use the beers from a semi-local brewery. It's freakin' awesome. The management there is incredibly helpful, and it's a really fun place to work. I no longer have that feeling of dread I had when I had to go to work at the old place. I think that's one thing that has made the hugest difference for me. I look forward to going to work at the new place, and I no longer stand at the door going, "I don't want to do this." It has made a huge difference in my attitude, and if you think attitude ain't everything, huh, honey, think again. Further kind of adding to this delerium is the fact that I also caught wind of a potential summer job coaching with a local swim team that may also help with the financials as well. If it comes through, well, let's just say it would help a LOT. So I'm crossing my fingers and praying this recent string of good luck and happiness holds. I'm ready for some good things in my life.

So what does this mean exactly for CrossFit and ye old mindless ramblings? Not much really. I've been going regularly to the box 4 times a week, and I'm going to try to continue that and see if maybe I can't get back up to 5 soon. This big change though will probably continue to at least affect my postings. I hope to get back to my senseless chatter and insightful ramblings daily instead of every few days (I know there has been a lack of those lately) as things for me really and truly do slow down. So readers, hang in there with me please! We've already been through so much! :)

Before I go though, I want to say a HUGENORMOUS public thank you to the people who have stood by me the last few months. I have needed shoulders a few times, I've needed to vent a few times, and I have just needed to not have to carry the load all by myself sometimes. My 0515 family and the rest of the CFOT family, especially Jerry, you guys have all been wonderful. My friends, both far, near, and internet wise, you guys are the best. Thank you for listening and for caring, for your neverending support, and of course your encouragement! You guys continue to help me rise when I fall.

Just a few more thoughts before I go.... I recently reread the Chronicles of Narnia, and I have to say, as I get older, the metaphors thrown in there are really amazing. But I like the part at the end where they are all realizing that they have passed on. They are encouraged to go "further up and further in". As they keep going, things just keep getting better... they see old friends, things look more crisp and clear, things get more beautiful... I'd like to think that's what's happening. I'd like to think that the end of my 27th year is me going "further up and further in". Not in the sense that I've passed on, let's certainly not hope that! But let's hope that this is the start of good things for once. Let's all cross our fingers while I keep going "further up, and further in".