Sunday, March 21, 2010

Row, lunge, swing, run!

Did you catch all that!?!? This wod had a little bit of all the really crappy metcon stuff I could possibly want. AWESOME!

500 M row
Rest 4 minutes
5 rft
60 ft Overhead walking lunge 25lbs
12 KB swings 53 lbs
Rest 4 minutes
Run 400 M

This was a metcon nightmare for me. I rowed out hard and then just couldn't get my legs back. The whole time I was doing the lunges and KB swings my hamstrings were just tweaking! It was pretty wicked. I didn't recover in time to do much better on the run either. My row was a 1:43.1. I could have rowed faster. I took about a second pause at about 100 M left. I was really tight then, and just felt my legs giving out, and that pause caught me. I held the CFOT row record for about 2 hours before someone else had to break it. It sort of makes me angry that people keep pinging on me. I kinda wish they'd just leave me alone for a day, but really, I suppose there isn't much I can do about that....

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