Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Straight outta the bag...

It never seems to fail. Everyday I wake up, think about what I have going on for the day, figure out what I need to take with me, and I pack it. After a shower (if I'm not going to CF) I grab my gear and hit the road. But I've increasingly noticed that rather than walking out the door like a normal human being, I walk out the door feeling like a bag lady. I literally feel like I've been living my life straight outta the bag.

I walk out most days with a CF bag, a school bag, a lunch bag, perhaps a comfy clothes bag (if I'm planning on staying late at work to do papers etc) and very often a restaurant bag. I literally feel like I'm living in these bags. It has gotten so bad that I've begun to carry and keep doubles and triples of everything just so that if by chance I forget to put it in the bag, I know I'm covered. For example, I think I currently own 8 deodorants, 3 toothbrushes, 3 lint brushes (one travel sized), 4 things of lotion (there are more than that, but they do not travel), 3 things of body spray, traveling Q-tips, two make-up bags, 2 shower poofs, 2 sets of shower gear (soap, bodywash, poof, shampoo, conditioner, face wash) and multiple pairs of tweezers, and make-up.

I'm beginning to literally feel like a bag lady. I realized the magnitude of this issue one morning last week. I didn't attend CF because I was feeling under the weather, and I had stayed late at work the night before, so I hadn't brought home any school work. I didn't have restaurant work, and my lunch was already in the fridge at school so I literally left the house carrying my phone, my keys, and my school badge. I felt naked. I felt like I had forgotten something and it drove me crazy. I probably spent five minutes before leaving the house wandering around, looking for something that I was supposed to be taking with me. I'm wondering if this bag carrying has turned into a sort of sickness. A sort of disease. Bagitis? Hmmm... I don't know if I like that. Sounds too much like some sort of VD. I'm wondering too if this is just me. Does anyone else suffer from a sort of affliction like this? Bagitis? Perhaps coffeeitis? A disease where you can't leave the house without carrying your coffee??!? I think I should check in with some sort of medical association to see if perhaps I can be diagnosed or at least make them aware of this pressing and very dangerous condition. :P

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