Thursday, May 31, 2012

The newest member of the family....

Sometimes, life can be incredibly frustrating.... like when life events prevent you from getting to the box. Twice this week I've missed getting to the box because things that should have taken only a minimal ammount of time wound up taking a HUGE chunk of my day. Having said that however, the trips that I had to make this week that kept me away from the box were well worth it. I'd like you all to meet Izzy. Izzy is the newest member of the family and I will love her and cherish her for a very long time. Her name is officially Izzy the Impreza, but we like to call her Izzy for short. She is the love of my life and well worth the two trips to the Credit Union, and the two trips to the dealership. She was unfortunately born with a slight glitch, but we'll be fixing that soon enough. It's just a loose sensor, and she will be in tip top shape soon enough. Much love to Izzy! :)

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