Thursday, January 31, 2008


I think the title pretty much sums up my feeling about my workout this morning. Amazingly after 3 straight 14 hour days at work, I managed to roll out of bed this morning and make it to X-fit. I felt a little tight because it's been awhile since I hit a workout since Wednesday was a skill day with some muscle up work.

We started off with some cals where again for some reason my hip flexers felt very tight despite a lot of earlier stretching. After some cals and working on the dip and shrug Jerry pulled out the sets. I missed Cindy the other day in my workathon that I've been having, so I thought I'd go with option 1. 20 20 lb thrusters, 15 jump squat slamball, 10 chins, 5 burpees. This shouldn't have been too bad for me to handle, but it was.

First off, just let me say, what the crap is up with me and thrusters? For the third time in about 3 weeks, I have started off gang busters in a circuit with push presses INSTEAD of thrusters. I got to about 15 before I smacked myself in the head and corrected myself. I don't know why my brain seems to have a mental block when it comes to thrusters but man oh man. Someone needs to put a permanent sticky note of my forehead. Anyway, once I righted myself, I could barely get out 5 thrusters without a break. What the crap is that? On my first circuit of jumping slamballs, I accidentally let the ball slip from my hands and had to play duck and cover so I didn't get hit. Things weren't looking good on the first round. They didn't get better on the second and third. Andrea was yelling, nicely, from across the room that my chin was not over the bar on my chins. What the crap? I haven't had that problem since October! And to top things off, in my frustration, I threw my dumbbells to the mat, where the promptly bounced, and then landed on my foot.

I finally finished in an APPALLING 15 and change and wanted to crawl into the nearest corner. I seriously felt terrible. I felt so lethargic, and so heavy. I decided I would try to get in a second circuit, but was stopped by Andrea again because of poor form. I was going to try to hit some 135 deadlifts to round out the circuit, but despite my awesome pulling just a short while ago, I could barely lift the bar. This is the first circuit I have failed to complete, unless Jerry was calling time. This was the first time I actually stopped myself before I finished. I felt utterly deflated.

Cara told me earlier not to let times etc bother me and that Crossfit is fun. And she's right, Crossfit is fun, but as competitive as I am, it is very difficult not to be frustrated when I see the fabulous accomplishments of other people, and see myself slipping backwards and becoming stagnant. Today was truly a frustrating Crossfit day. To top off the whole thing, work and I are at each other's throats, and while sitting at Regional swimming this evening, all of the lymph nodes in my neck swelled up like, well something that swells a whole lot. After my experiences last year at almost this exact time (February 2nd to be precise) with my surgery and cancer scare due to my lymphatic system, I'm not really thrilled about the ending of my day, well or the rest of it for that matter.

To the shittiest workout I think I have had since joining Crossfit, all I can say is seriously, WHAT THE CRAP?


Jerry Hill said...

Some days you tear up the workout, some days it tears up you...

Ratchet-like progression; sometimes a backswing is needed to gain momentum for the next progression.

Cara said...

Seriously Katie - you also have been pushing yourself SO hard all day and evening with your different jobs. The stress, huge workload, and lack of sleep are going to have a heavy impact on your workouts. Once things settle down for you, you'll be killing the circuits again. We ALL have days like the day you had!!