Monday, August 15, 2011

"It's only 4 minutes!"

Ah, but yes.  Who knew 4 minutes could suck so badly? On Thursday we hit a team wod that they had done at the SuperFit competition a few weekends ago.  The wod looked like this:

4 minutes
Max thrusters (rotate as needed)
4 minutes
Max C2B pull-ups
4 minutes
Max lateral burpees

For this wod, there were a few caveats. The clock never stopped, so there was no time to allow for rest or rotation.  Your rest was when your partner was moving.  The other caveat was the burpees.  Under normal circumstances you must open your hips at the top before moving laterally over the bar for a lateral burpee.  In the case of the SuperFit competition, you had to release your hands at the bottom of the burpee as in a hand release push-up but you did not have to open your hips completely at the top before you moved laterally.  Both feet did need to take off at the same time though as to avoid sloppy jumping on the burpees. 

Honestly, I have to say, for the second time this week I felt like a rockstar, well almost.  I felt great on the thrusters, and also on the burpees.  Normally burpees train wreck me, but I felt like I was flying without having to stand all the way up.  The C2B pull-ups definitely slowed me down a bit.  I was doing sets of 4 but felt like I should have been doing more. Since this was a partner wod, we totaled our reps at the end of the 12 minutes and Anne Marie did awesome.  Together we totaled 179 reps.  That was a pretty good score on the day. 

Afterwards, we got to take our kettlebells for a walk.  We did an 800M waiter's walk.  Similar to doing farmer's walks, but all done overhead.  Women's prescribed weight was 35 so Anne Marie and I went for it.  It was challenging to walk 800M with a kettlebell, but with the trade off's Anne Marie and I did this in under 12 minutes.  It was a good finisher.  It was a pretty day outside, not too hot, and all the people who were headed to lunch were staring at us like we had lost our ever-loving minds.  I like it when people think I'm crazy! :) It makes things more fun! :)

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