Friday, May 14, 2010

But what CAN I do?

A lot of my thoughts pertaining to CrossFit have a lot to do with perspective and keeping it. With CrossFit being such a badass, hard, tough, competitive arena, I find it very easy to lose sight of things. It's really easy to get down on myself. Especially after the thorough trouncing a took this weekend at the games, it's easy to feel like I don't belong in this community. I dnf'd two out of four wods, one of which I couldn't even attempt as rx'd. I nearly came in last in another wod, and the fourth wod placed me very close to the top 10 girls in our region. So, this sort of leaves me with a very defeated feeling. It does feel like I can't do anything, but I know that's not true. So the question is then, what CAN I do?

If you're like me, sometimes when life hands you lemons, you tend to focus on the lemons instead of the pretty kickass lemondae you can make with them (especially if you add a little vodka... DEEEEEE-LICIOUS.... but you didn't hear that from me). I've been trying lately to keep focusing on things that I can do... focus on the positive sides to things. (I SAID TRYING!!! GEEZ!) So in keeping with that idea that there is good in every situation, instead of focusing on all the things I CAN'T do, I thought I'd focus on some things that I can do. I gave myself a pretty stern talking to, and here is the list that I came up with... it may not contain muscle ups but there are some other pretty cool things on that list.

Things Katie CAN do...

1. On a good day, I can manage to contain a classroom full of 26 8 year olds and teach them something
2. On a good day, I can manage to corral a pool full of hormonal high school teenagers and convince them to swim a few laps.
3. I can multitask with the best of them
4. I'm great at selling beer
5. I can work a 70 hour work week
6. I can make someone smile by sending them a card or present for no reason at all
7. I can inspire someone else to finish hard
8. I can drive stick
9. Even though I suck at running, I CAN run 13 miles when I put my mind to it
10. I can make you laugh with my ridiculous sense of humor, and my ability to speak in a language full of made up words and "Katieisms"
11. I can complete CrossFit wods (they may not always be fast, but I have this no quitting rule)
12. I can send emails with attachments, write a blog, create a power point, make a Smart Board lesson, and type a word document without making my head explode or calling a support tech
13. I can be proud and support someone else's athletic endeavor
14. I can love you like nobody's business... you may not want it, and you may not give it in return, but you'll never doubt whether or not I care about you.
15. I can look back at my CrossFit career and know that I have come a long way... baby...
16. I can sing on key, and actually pretty darn well
17. I can walk and chew gum at the same time
18. I can use Google with the best of them
19. I'm not afraid to work hard and I can do it
20. I can forgive
21. I can say "I'm sorry"
22. I can say "I was wrong"
23. I can stop and ask for directions
24. I can put someone else first
25. I can remind you that you can do things too....


georgia said...

Great post. Love ya!

Katie said...

Thanks Georgia... love you and miss you girl! I'll be looking for your list later... ;)

Justa said...

You can make Justa say...damn...that Katie is pretty effing impressive. She can do a lot. (Though I have one such 8 year old that might pose quite the challenge for you there, Katie!!)

Jason said...

You missed the most important are a TRUE FRIEND. No further explanation necessary. Katie +!