Monday, March 14, 2011

The "Leave Behind"... or "How to Ensure You Workout This Week"... or GET TO THE BOX!!!

I had another title for this blog, but after writing it, I actually had to go back and change it... LOL.  For the first time in a REALLY long time, I made it into the box on a Monday.  For the past two months or so it seems like I've been on a double every single Sunday, so getting to the box Mondays has been hard.  But I cut back my hours at the restaurant and so this morning I got in and got a heavy dose of clean and jerks.  I really and truthfully can't complain about my performance, I mean, after all, how often have I been at the box lately?  My weight lifting has been so sporadic, I really can't complain.  Honest! I can still lift a load over my head, so seriously, that's great!

We hit a two wod day today with the first wod being the following.

Every minute on the minute
Hit 1 clean and jerk (go heavy and keep perfect form)
130X10 (roughly 85% of my 1RM)

The jerks on this felt solid and for the first time in a long time, I really enjoyed lifting today.  My cleans were a bit off, but honestly I think it's because I wasn't squat cleaning.  Normally anytime I do clean and jerks, I squat clean everything.  Today I didn't have to and I think it threw me a bit.  Jerry said my feet were off on the cleans.  But like I said, I've been so sporadic, I really can't be unhappy with any of that. 

Wod two today was Grace.  Funny because I JUST did Grace a week and a half ago for first Friday. My time was atrocious that day because Jerry said that the new Grace weight is now 95 lbs.  So all of my previous Grace times with 85 are now null and void.   Well, crap! So today I went 95 again and beat the pants off my time from a week and a half ago.  Shanimal beat me and stole my top Grace spot which doesn't make me very happy, but you know what, again, I can't be unhappy with that performance.  A 3:17 Grace with 95lbs really and truly is not much to sneeze at.  And honestly, I have a feeling I can get under 3:10.  I wasted a good solid 5-10 seconds today because I accidentally clocked myself in the boob on one of my reps and took a few seconds to breathe again after that.  Next time, I'll need to make sure that my boobs are CLEARLY out of the way.  :P

Now, since I made it in today, I had to try to find a creative way to ensure that I get to the box tomorrow.  I have a bad habit of going hard and then not going for two days... oops.... so today I got this master plan.  So, I've now officially devised a way to TRICK yourself into having to go to the gym.  (and before you start laughing, I challenge YOU to find better things to think of at 0600 in the am while you're getting ready for work.)

Ehem, anyway... my masteful plan for ensuring that you get to the box is as follows... leave something of relatively large importance so that you HAVE to go the next day.  A towel or bottle of shampoo... not significant enough.  Shoes, nope.  Shirt, nope.  Those things can all be maneuvered around.  But, aha! I found one thing that you cannot do without... well if you're a girl anyway....


I have relatively longish hair, so I NEED to have it in order to get ready for work, otherwise I look like crap and run around with wet hair.  So I left (intentionally) my hairdryer in my little cubby thing so that I HAVE to get up and get to it in the AM.  Now, I suppose that I COULD just wake up my roommate at 0515 and ask her for HER hairdryer, but I'm thinking that that probably wouldn't go over so well.  So, now I HAVE to go workout tomorrow because I HAVE to have a hairdryer for work.  I'm ensuring that I get to the box at least twice this week.  Now, the only issue with this is that I know, invariably, that on a day that I don't mean to do it, like when I'm planning on taking a rest day the NEXT day, I'm going to leave my hairdryer.  I know it will happen, so I'm going to have to prepare a plan for the invariable days that I f things all up.  But for now, the leave behind should help me get my butt to the... wait a tic, THE LEAVE BEHIND!? Wait, dude, did I REALLY just say that?!!?! It's like CrossFit and I just had sex and I'm looking for an excuse to come back and see him again...  like oh, oops, I left all my clothes at your place... guess I'll have to come back and get them.... hmmmmm... Oh, sorry CrossFit.  I guess I left my hairdryer at your place... guess I'll have to come back and get it and see you again so we can make out... oh heavens... the leave behind... LMAO... Get you a leave behind and GET TO THE BOX (or the choppa!)!!

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