Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back at it...

Yesterday marked my official return to the workout world, and I have to say, I could have picked a better day to come back after a 3 week hiatus. Nothing like a 30 minute AMRAP to make you think there may not be a God and that Satan has overtaken CF. Ok, so maybe it wasn't THAT bad but it still sucked a lot. I went in this morning too to hit a second wod this week and took it somewhat light on a heavy deadlift day. I haven't deadlifted in over a month, and haven't attempted a 1RM since the scene at the CF Regionals in Ohio. Part of that is because I don't like deadlifts, and part of that has to do with the fact that I pretty royally messed my back up in Ohio with my 300lb max effort and the following attempt at 305.

I have to say it felt a little weird to be back. I've taken a lot of time to rest and relax and getting back into old habits just feels a little odd. It's sort of like putting on a pair of shoes you haven't worn in awhile. They certainly still fit but they rub a little bit differently because you're not used to wearing them. I'm sure I'll hit a few more workouts this week and we'll see how things go, but for now I'm just getting back into things while still taking it easy. (I want to be able to walk the rest of the week...) For those of you who enjoy reading my wods and doing them on your own... here's yesterday's... (I'm pretty sure you can figure out how to do today's 1RM deadlift... just guessin'! :P)

AMRAP in 30 minutes

400 M run
15 pull-ups
15 ring dips
XX OHS (number depending upon weight)

OHS Weight and Rep Scheme

Getting back into the working out groove will be interesting, especially since I'm down to JUST my restaurant job now and my schedule there is completely unpredictable. Doubles, off, day, night... I bounce all over the place. It's weird to be down to JUST one job. I can't tell you the last time that happened. I honestly think it was last summer. Because once school started I had two, three, and for a brief while in there, there were 4 jobs all running concurrently. It's WEIRD. I'm finding I now have a lot of free time if I don't work during the day, so I'm certainly going to need to find some things to do during that time to remain productive so that I don't wind up landing myself in hot water. Me + free time = bad idea. I still have a whole stack of books beside my bed from last summer's reading bucket list. I think I'll start there, but after that, who knows!??!?

On a separate note though, I really need dating help. No, I'm seriously not joking. I really do. About a month ago, I wrote a little blurb in my blog about dating that went something like... I met a guy, enjoy his company, want to spend more time together, but f'ed it all sorts of up because I'm a freakin' retard and talk/text all the time. I mean, c'mon, I run a blog for Pete's sake! Obviously I have a LOT to say/share. Fast forward to right before my PA vacation... literally the Sunday night before I left.

I was having a drink with a friend of mine, and he asked me about my love life. I smiled, the way I do when I'm completely bs'ing and said it was fine. I was fine being alone, and that I have accepted the fact that for me, I'm just destined to be on my own. Happiness in that regard is for other people, but not for me. While he was in the restroom I happened to overhear part of a conversation a guy near me was having with the bartender. While my friend was gone I chimed in with my two cents and when my friend returned, the guy decided to continue to talk to me. My friend decided to leave and I wound up alone at the bar with the aforementioned gentleman.

As midnight crept closer, I decided it was time for bed, after all I usually turn into a pumpkin after 10 o'clock so I knew I was pushing it. I paid for the drink on my tab and was about to head out when the guy asked for my number. I will admit that I have no game and I NEVER get hit on by men. NEVER. Given the previous conversation, and the timing, I almost took it as a sign and gave him my number. We talked a lot when I was home in PA and I saw him twice after I returned, but now, I have no idea how to act. I hate to call or text because I'm a frequent overtexter and I know I've already said too much because I've been honest. I feel like I've already blown it because I haven't played games and I've been honest (probably too much so) and told him I like spending time with him. Not to mention, I asked him to do things, which apparently you're NOT supposed to do.

I know the obvious answer is "don't call him/text him, let him call you" but I hate that. I HATE that I have to play some game in order to spend time with someone who I think (now that I know him a little) is pretty kick ass. He is funny and keeps up with my smartassitude pretty well. Again, I'm not saying I think I'm going to marry him, but he's a guy I'd like to see again. So aside from the stop texting/calling, other thoughts? My sister told me that if it's a real thing, it shouldn't be hard and I shouldn't have to try... I'm not sure if this falls into that category or not. It felt easy at first, he didn't seem to mind talking/texting... now it just feels confused... and I'm super upset. Not necessarily because it may not work, but moreso because I'm just tired of going through the wringer and tired of trying to figure all these things out. I honestly just want someone to like me for me and understand that yes, I am talkative, and yes, I do text a lot, but that's just part of my personality. I swear to God, I'm not crazy, but because of my talkative tendencies, I really do come off like the crazy chick. Underneath that though is a really super big heart that would do anything for someone she cared about. Unfortunately, the overtalkative person usually screws things up before I get to the other person figuring out that I have a big heart and am worth hanging out with. Anyone out there better at this than I? Married folks, I'm lookin' at you!!!!!

Ah... well... such is the life of a single twenty-something I suppose.

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