Monday, August 23, 2010


Wow... it's amazing how taking just three measly little weeks off has turned me into a whining simpering baby.  I swear.  I've found myself cowering in corners and rocking back and forth trying to make myself feel better, but unfortunately to no avail.  Ok, ok, so fine.  It hasn't been THAT bad... but I did spend a sleepless night last night because I just could NOT get comfortable on my sore shoulders.  No, seriously.  One shoulder would go numb and my fingers would tingle and I'd roll over and then the other shoulder... I tried sleeping on the back, the front... the whole nine yards, but no avail.  Pretty sad state of affairs huh? 

Regardless, I still got in four days last week.  Friday's snatch/pull-up/push-up fest should have been better thought out, but hindsight is always 20/20 isn't it? Friday's wod went like this.

12 snatch/24 pull-ups/48 push-ups
9 snatch/18 pull-ups/36 push-ups
6 snatch/12 pull-ups/24 push-ups
3 snatch/6 pull-ups/12 push-ups

I got this in in just under 24 minutes.  Not great, but by no means one of the fastest times of the day.  I mean, honestly, to be fair, I did the heaviest weight, I haven't worked out in 3 weeks, and we all KNOW that push-ups and I just for whatever reason don't get along... so truthfully this wasn't all THAT bad.  :P

I had to rest Wednesday and Thursday though before I could do this on Friday because I was so sore.  After I did this though, I wound up getting wickedly sore for Saturday.  I still came in despite a slight alarm clock/clock fail and did max back squats X 3.  I hit 3 X 200 so I was pretty pleased with that.  Good to know that after a 3 week hiatus my speed may be in the crapper but my strength is still pretty good.  It'd probably be even better if I'd stop drinking Starbucks, but I SWEAR they put crack in that stuff!!! Ah well... still too wicked sore to hit a wod today especially since it involves hspu's but maybe tomorrow..... we'll see how I sleep tonight before I decide....

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