Thursday, August 26, 2010

You didn't think Fran could be worse?

Think again... Tuesday's wod was Fran + running... I'm not sure how, but it seems like in the last two weeks, everytime we got to the gym, the wod has SOMETHING in it that I suck at.  Twice it's been ring dips, we got running twice, I got push-ups once, deadlifts.... if I didn't know any better, I'd swear someone hated me or was just plain trying to kill me... regardless though.... I have gotten two days in already this week, but since today I have to work a double, I'm not going to go do today's wod which involves a mile run and then walking lunges.  For comfort purposes while I'm at work for the next 12 hours, I just don't think that sounds like a good idea.... I mean, I may be WAY out on a limb here.... but I'm thinkin' not so much a good idea.  Believe it or not, servers actually NEED their legs to move in order to work. Yeah... crazy thoughts there I know, but really we do! :P

Btw, someone told me yesterday about the rumor that Oprah told people to tip 10% during these tough economic times... I certainly hope she didn't actually say that, but if she did, please don't follow that advice.  If I screw up, and lord knows that I do on occassion, please feel free to jack my tip accordingly.  But if not, please dont' tip 10% just because it saves you money.  When you don't tip your server, they actually don't get paid.  No, I'm not joking. You do know servers don't make minimum wage right? In the great state of VA it's $2.13/hr.  And I get to tip out at the end of the night, so my food runners, bar tenders, and bus boys/girls get a pretty nice chunk of "my" money. 

Ok, moving on from my service industry rant, back to Fran...or sort of Fran... or RFran (Running Fran?)? Either way you slice it... it SUCKED! My Fran time is... meh.  It's not bad, could be better.  But let's be honest, my running... wah, wah, wah.... yeah.  That's how good that is.  So when you put the two together, you get a whole lot of suckage.  RFran looks like this...

21 Thrusters 21 Pull-ups 800 M run
15 Thrusters 15 Pull-ups 600 M run
9 Thrusters 9 Pull-ups 400 M run

Total time: 19:35

Not bad for a girl who took a hiatus, and sucks at running.  Still, this blew... and if I had to, I would probably not repeat this again... actually, I may repeat this again, but you know what I sure as f wouldn't do?!?!?!? I wouldn't drink a coffee an hour before!!!! I totally figured that with an hour + before I even started to warm up, the coffee would work it's way through my system.  Oohhhhhhhh I was so wrong about that, and as I was running, yeah, I seriously almost bit it a couple times.  I have never actually met Pukie (probably shouldn't have said that because now it's almost inevitable) in the three years I've been doing CF but lord if ever there was a day, that was pretty close to it.  I seriously thought I was going to lose it a couple times on that run.  I was pushing pretty hard and I thought it was going to happen... so I forced myself to slow down on the runs. 


This has been a friendly CF public service announcement.... :P

BTW... CWeiss... I hope you're happy that I'm posting my wods again... I'm doing it just for you... :P

Oh yeah, yesterday's wod... I didn't do so hot because apparently math is not my thing... LOL...

"Do Work"

30 Deadlifts
60 Ring Dips
120 Sit-ups

Partition anyway you'd like.  DL should be 80% of max.  Abmats or GHD's can be used for sit-ups.  I tried to get up to 80% of my max but my head just wasn't circling right around the DL's.  For whatever reason, my deadlifts are just so weak.  I lose tension and then it's all back and that's just not good.  So I dropped, then dropped again, then dropped again, and then realized I was done with dips but not dl's or sit-ups..... duh! :P So my deadlifts finished around 60% of my max instead of 80% but hey, you know, I played it smart and I lived to walk today and still got a sweat in, so I guess that's the good thing.  And with all this talk about me doing this to stay healthy, this was perfect.  I got work in... it wasn't super fast or strong, but I was smart and still worked my muscles.  So... it was still a good day.  :P


Effy said...

I haven't met pukie either since I started Crossfit back in February 2009. But, I came close a few weekends back when we did "AdamBrown." My goodness.

This is Andrea from candytocarrots, by the way. I'm just logged in under my Crossfit blog too.

I don't mind deadlifts, but I have to work on holding my breath more...

And I always tip the server 20%, or I try to...even if they stink. My mom was a waitress and she explained the situation...haha

Angie said...

Oooh...running Fran does not sound nice at all! On a good day my Fran is bad, and my running is worse. Can't imagine combining them!

Some of our really "badass" girls did "Man Fran" yesterday - with 95 lb thrusters. Cannot even imagine...

Katie said...

See!?!?!? I always knew that my readers were exceptionally strong and also very socially aware... ;)

c wiss said...

Squeeee! WODs! :-D

So far, I haven't puked from working out, ever. But some days at CrossFit, when I've eaten the wrong things, I wish I would just yak to clear things out. Worst feeling ever.

Honestly, it makes me giggle when you say you suck at deadlifts, because your 1RM says otherwise. Just pointing that out to ya girl. Have a little sympathy for those of us hovering at 200!! :-p

I try to leave badass tips as much as I can. One of my sisters was a waitress, so she educated us on the realities of the job. If we sit and talk and "take up" a table during a somewhat busy time, we try to tip double the usual, since we essentially took up the table when there could've been another party seated there.

Katie said...

C Wiss, I say my deadlifts suck, not because of weight, but because my form is truly attrocious... it's a really dangerous lift for me because I ALWAYS lose core tension and my lower back is always sore the next day... it's really a bear for me and I don't know why... you'd think after three years my form faults would get better... but... :P We all have our chinks and DL's are a big chink for me!

I'm glad you enjoyed the Wods!!! I posted them just for you... ;)

AMEN TO TIPPING FOR TIME! Most nights our sections are only 5/6 tables, which in a busy place is enough to get you to run your butt off pretty significantly. I had a table of two sit at 5:30 and order a lemonade and a club soda with lime. For an hour they sat without ordering or ever looking at a menu. After they ate, they ordered decaf coffee, complained the one I served them was horrible, and then proceeded to sit and take up my table for another hour and a half while they chatted. In total their check was $36, but they took my table for over 3 hours, leaving me with a 4 table section. They left me $6.50. An appropriate tip for the amount, but not for the amount of revenue they cost me by being chatty mcchattersons... I'm glad that someone else besides me understands that concept!!! :)

Told you my readers were all wonderful!!! :)