Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fight Gone Bad V

It's getting close to that time again... it's time for us to put all of our CF hard work to good use and support a terrific cause.  On September 25th, affilites across the globe will participte in the Fight Gone Bad fundraiser to support the Wounded Warrior Project and also the Lance Armstrong Foundation.  If you are someone whose affiliate has not signed up to participate or if you are someone who is not currently attached to an affiliate, PLEASE consider donating to someone who is.  Since living in DC, I have become very dear friends with a number of people who wear a uniform, and this cause has become very near and dear to my heart.  While my friends have been lucky enough not to need the help and support of an organization like the Wounded Warrior Project, that doesn't mean that they never will.  It is good to know that should something happen to them, there are organizations out there ready and willing to help.  If you are not participating or don't have a team, I would be ecstatic if you would donate to my page and my team.  All of the proceeds go to a great cause so even if it's $5, it's going somewhere where it's needed.  Here is the link to my fundraising page.  If your affiliate is involved or you've already pledged that's great! Here's to helping a terrific cause!

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