Friday, August 27, 2010

Operation Ward 57

I recently became a volunteer with an organization called Operation Ward 57.  This organization supports wounded warriors when they first arrive at Walter Reed.  Operation Ward 57 is an important organization that does great things for the soldiers who are housed in this ward.  Wounded Warrior Project does do a lot to help the soldiers as they learn to adjust to life without limbs, but Operation Ward 57 is there when the soldiers arrive on the ward.  They provide t-shirts and blankets as well as hats, and other small things like razors that the soldiers request.  Operation Ward 57 is a small organization that could use your support.  Fan them on FB here and keep up with their goings on, and if you'd like, purchase your own Operation Ward 57 t-shirt.  Proceeds from the shirts go to purchasing more shirts and the like for soldiers and families who are just arriving to the ward. 

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