Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cleans and double unders...

This really ought to be sufficient enough to explain how I feel about the wod today... :P

After today's wod:

Katie: So I spent about 5 minutes doing the cleans and that means it took me 13 and a half minutes to do the double unders. *shakes head*

Jerry: Actually, it took you more like 2 and a half minutes to do the cleans. You finished the first round in :20.

Katie: So, then you're saying it took me 16 and a half minutes... to do the double unders.

Jerry: Yeah.

Katie: Oh. I really hate double unders.
Today's WOD
5 cleans (115)
30 double unders
Time: 18:55
It REALLY actually took me that long to do the f'ing double unders! I HATE double unders.  But that made my third wod this week.  Yay for me.  I'm getting back to my old self... yes in the CF way but others too.  Now let's just hope I figure out this job situation soon.


c wiss said...

I have soooooooo been there with the double unders. ZOMG. I think it took me nearly 30 minutes to do Annie prescribed the first time I tried. That was mind numbing.

Yay for 3 WODs! :)

Katie said...

Yay indeed! I'm getting back there... slowly. It's taking awhile but I'm coming along. For whatever reason double unders are sort of like push-ups... for whatever reason we just don't get along....