Monday, September 6, 2010

First Friday: Pick your poison!

"Every Rose has it's thorn......" Um.... not that kind.... Thank you though for giving me an opportunity to use Brett Michaels in a blog... AWESOME! :P I think I now need to douse my blog in Lysol.... what? You've seen "Rock of Love" right?!?!?! I think my blog could probably contract something just from using his pictures... some of those girls.... *shivers* Yikes... Anyway, are you surprised that I'm digressing and I haven't even actually STARTED my write up yet?!?

So yeah, it's been a busy few days here in Katieland. I've been working a lot of doubles the past few days and just haven't had time to get around to writing up my latest wod.  I took a rest day on Thursday since I hit Monday-Wednesday straight, and because I knew that Friday was first Friday.  CFOT hit the CF Total the day right after the 4th of July.  Most agencies and businesses were closed then since the holiday fell on a Sunday, but I still had to work that day.  It sort of sucked... but anyway, I'm digressing again.... I'm sure you're shocked by that.  So the bottom line is that I missed the CF total.

I decided then that I should do the CF total for my First Friday wod.  Every first Friday of the month we get to pick what we want to do.  It's fun.  I usually chose a strength wod, but not always.  There were a few months where I chose Josh everytime.  That might actually be my favorite wod.  OHS and pull-ups! :) Again... digressing.  So this month, I chose the  CF Total.  We've never actually done the CF Total (prior to 7/4), and I'm not sure why.  I think probably because it takes so long to do (as I have now learned) but it's also really really tiring. 

I love lifting heavy things and very rarely do I ever feel "tired" after lifting.  My muscles may twitch or jump a little because I've definitely pushed to fatigue, but I never feel tired, like I do after a metcon.  On Friday, not so much the case.  I was wiped out.  The CF total totally kicked my butt.  And the really awesome thing about it!?!? I had to go to work right after that.... :P I know that you're probably like, big deal so what? Well considering that I'm a full time server right now until I put all the pieces of my humpty dumptied life back together, that means I get to stand on my feet, hold heavy plates and trays, and in general attempt to USE my body after these wods..... um... about that.  Yeeeeeah.  "I'm going to need you to come in today." Sorry, now THAT was randomness at it's finest but the "yeeeeeah" made me think of it.  And if you have no idea what I'm talking about go Google "Office Space". 

Anyway, the CF total..... here it is in all its awsomeness....

Back Squat- 215


Ok so here's the skinny on this.... the back squat was -10 from my PR.  I had 225 on the bar, and was 80% of the way up when I shifted my weight to the balls of my feet and not my heels and I was done for.  I dropped back 10 lbs to 215 and got that so I would have a successful lift between 205 and 225.  I was not happy that I missed the 225.  I was so close that it should have come up but I leaned forward and got on my toes.  I know better.  Still 215 is nothing to sneeze at. 

Strict press... I honestly could barely hold the bar since apparently I jacked my left hand up.  No idea what I did but the nerves running between my thumb and pointer at the base of my hand... shot.  I think it may be tweaked from carrying plates, honestly.  Ours are really heavy duty at work, and since we don't use trays for food, we carry with hands and arms only.  I think I tweaked it carrying plates, but regardless, it made it hard to grip the bar to go overhead.  So 90 it was.  -7 from my PR.

Deadlift.... not to shabby.  After the strict and bs I was pretty tired.  No lie dude.  I was wiped.  Not to mention, after the dl/abmat/ring dip wod last week, I'm amazed that I could DL.  I dropped weight so many times that day because form was just UGLY.  That was the whole reason I only got 2 wods in last week.  So I'm AMAZED that I was able to deadlift what I did.  It was like night and day.  I stopped myself at 265. I maybe could have gone 275, but I felt my back start to round at 265 and honestly, after last week, and knowing that I had 5 days of work ahead until a day off,  I really didn't want to risk it.  Standing for hours on end with a sore back is no fun... just in case you ever get the urge to try it, I'm telling you, don't do it! For my DL, yeah, I hit 300 once, but it was in an adrenaline fueled environment, so honestly, I'm going to continue to count 275 as my DL PR.  So, this particular case was -10 from my PR.

Considering the time I took off and everything that's happened in the past few weeks/months, I'm pretty pleased with that total.  I wish it would have been 580 (missing that BS really bothered me) but aside from that, I think I did well.  I maintained good form and was close to PR's on all lifts, so really that's a pretty good indicator of my ability.  To be able to almost maintain my true max on each of those is pretty solid.  I know that's the idea, but to be able to ACTUALLY max all three times when you've already done two other lifts before hand is hard.  So I'm pleased with where I wound up.  Now I sort of now what to expect for next time.


c wiss said...

Hey, question -- have you ever done one of the linear strength progression programs, like Wendler 5-3-1 or Starting Strength? Or just did whatever was programmed by your coach?

I am just so low in my deadlift (PR 200) and back squat (PR 155) and I really really really want to get stronger. Just curious how you get to where you are. :)

Hope that hand untweaks soon! And damn, why can't they give you some damn trays?!?!

Angie said...

Awesome job on Total! I'm impressed with all of your numbers. I'd love to get mine up that high...any one of those lifts!

Katie said...

C Wiss, I have no idea why we have no trays. It would be especially helpful for you know, tables of FOUR... I can only do three plates. I've never mastered four and I don't have a desire to try because the last thing I want to do is pay for a boatload of food I've dropped on the floor... :P

As for the strength stuff... Jerry has a big background in strength. I think our box does a lot more strength work than other boxes and I think combined with my background that's why I've developed into what I have. I've never done any extra work or extra programming aside from what Jerry gives me. Take into account though that from the time I was six until eighteen, I swam in the summer and winter, and then played soccer in the spring and fall. Once I gradutated high school, I took a year off of sports before returning to swim in a D-3 program. I was never great, but I'm sure it had an affect on how my muscles and skeleton developed. If you ever examine my pictures closely (especially those on FB) I have HUGE shoulders. Sometimes I get very self-conscious about it because they are ginormous, but I had a long history of use with them, so they were sort of already developed by the time I got to Jerry. Jerry then kicked my shoulders and legs into overdrive, but he had a lot of background to work with.

I've had friends though who have had success with starting strength and the Wendler... so if you want to do some extra work on strength, I say go for it! Strong is beautiful girl...

Angie, thanks for the compliment. Keep working hard in the box and those numbers will be there before you know it... I'm not making that up. They really will.