Thursday, September 30, 2010

Playing Catch up!

Holy bananas I'm such a slacker it's ridiculous! I haven't had any new posts about wods or any rambling posts with my thoughts for awhile. Geez Louise, how terrible! There have been an assorted varitety of things in Katieland that have kept me away.... mainly that I've just been working a lot of doubles and when I get home I'm just to wiped out to do anything. So, I'm going to keep looking for a job and hope that something comes along, cause this whole working in the restaurant all the time thing is starting to wear pretty thin. Bad tippers hurt a lot worse than they used to.

But anyway... I haven't been slacking in the box though. I got in 5 days for the last two weeks and I'm already in for 3 this week... so we're slowly getting back to our old self around here. Not too easy to do, but I'm working on it. I also have a master plan for really and truly getting back in the Zone and losing some weight now. I've done it in the past where I've tried to go just straight up cold turkey and that simply does not work for me. So, my plan is to take it week by week and get a little further in this week. This week is week #1 and my goal for this week doesn't revolve around eating at all. My goal for this week is to go the whole week without soda or coffee. I feel like breaking my sugar addiction can only benefit me for one, and two, getting rid of all that extra sugar will hopefully get my body back on a cycle and allow me to start feeling better. I've felt pretty pootastic lately. I'm not going to lie. I've just felt sluggish and not myself. So we're trying to break the habit for real this time.

I know I've said all this in the past, but I've said it with a half-hearted conviction. This time, I really want to make it stick. This time, it's not just about vanity (as it's been for the past several times). This time, I feel terrible. In the past it was more about how I looked. Now, it's gotten to a point where I just FEEL gross. After this week of hopefully no soda or coffee (I'm on day 4 as of today) week #2 is going to focus on making sure I have a Zone breakfast.

Ok so million dollar question, why did I choose Zone and not Paleo when CLEARLY all the research indicates that Primal/Paleo is the best? Good question. Different strokes for different folks. I think I wrote a post about that awhile back. Basically, I need the structure of the Zone right now. I'm sure that after some time, I will start to feel better and the structure of measuring everything will chafe. At that point, I will feel confident and comfortable enough to make the change over to a Zone/Primal. For right now though, I need to work on reducing bad foods to portions and keeping things in a balance. Once I've done that, then I can take a serious look at going Primal. I am not someone who does well with cold turkey. If I'm giving up soda and coffee, I will go insane if I try to give up everything all at once. So, soda/coffee now, Zone first. Primal later.

Eating for me is a huge struggle. There are folks out there who can look at food and be like, meh. It is what it is and ignore it. I am not one of those people. I have long been an emotional eater, and I've attached a lot of feeling to food. It's going to take awhile for me to break those habits. I thought I did it once, but slowly but surely as the reigns loosened an all out crash was in store and we are right back at square 1.

So here's the plan that I have devised (smartly I think) for myself....

Week #1- No soda no coffee
Week #2- Week 1+ Zone breakfast
Week #3- Weeks 1&2 + Zone lunch
Week #4- Weeks 1-3 + Zone snacks
Week #5- Weeks 1-4 + Zone dinner
Week #6- All in

I figure this way, I have time to allow my body to adjust slowly to the changes instead of shocking it entirely. I'm drinking a lot more water now that I'm being conscious of it and I already do feel better. I just need to keep that feeling square in my mind so that I don't start craving soda and coffee. We'll see how things go for me.

So playing catch-up... here are some wod postings from the past several days....

Friday- Max Snatch-115 120(fX7) I had this over my head and just could not lock it out!!! So frustrating.
Saturday- FGB- 271 (worse than last year, I was not pleased)
Monday- Cindy- 14.66 PR! (I second guessed myself at the white board and wrote 13.66 thinking there was no way I did that many but I'm 99.9% sure that it was 14.66)
Tuesday- Max C&J- 145 PR! 155(fX5) I can clean and jerk more separately but together that was the most I've ever done. I had 155 in a VERY PRETTY squat clean and lost it about halfway up... I just couldn't lock it out. It's there though. It's there.
Wedneday- Nate- Since I don't have MU's, I modified this to work on my weaknesses. I did 8 dips and 8 pull-ups to sub for the MU's. I did the HSPU to 2 abmats and a thin floss for the dips. Dips are still a big chink for some reason as are HSPU's. Hard stuff but I did 5 rounds. Lots of dips, and lots of HSPU practice. Ouch. Shoulders are tender today! :P

Today is a rest day... 3 on and my shoulders are smoked, but I can't imagine why! :P Tomorrow is first Friday though so I'm trying to figure out what I should pick to do to myself. Last FF I chose CF Total.... what should I do this time?!?!?!